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Theme: Freewheelin' Kaleidos on Safari!! ~ Large

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This week's theme is Safari/Big Game/Wild Animals. Many of you will know that I have a problem with putting images of real animals in the kaleido maker. It feels too much like blending them! Eeuuww. LOL So I made these kaleidoscopes from images of plush toys of African animals. And thought it was appropriate to present them as roaming wild!

The images I used to make these kaleidoscopes are freely available on the internet. I then use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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Yay Dagmar!! I'm really thrilled that you enjoyed it so much. :)))

And there was me, a little worried about the reception this one would get. It seems I needn't have bothered. Silly me. LOL


So nice to see you again, chilisand, and I'm really happy that this one gave you pleasure. Thank YOU for doing it, and leaving me a comment. :)))


Oh, thanks so much pinknblack!! I'm a little speechless now. But I do have to say that I was really thrilled with how this came out too, and am so glad that people enjoyed it. I was a little worried that people would miss the normal collage format. But it seems not. Yay!!

And I find the weekly themes such a fun challenge to work out how I can make them into a kaleido and then stamp my own style on it. I really feel like I succeeded with that, with this one. I hope you have fun with it when you get to it. And thanks for you postive comment. It means a lot to me. :)))


Hey Anne! I have to confess to feeling a teensy bit pround of my efforts here. I love how this one came out. And I'm thrilled that you do too. Thank you my friend. :)))

And I hope you're surviving this awful heat AND hope that you have a peaceful sleep tonight, undisturbed by reflux. Take care. :)))


Thanks, that was just as much fun as I supposed it would be, the patterns were pure delight. :))


I gives me great pleasure solving them, and I thank you!


You are amazing!!! So thrilled you took the time to do this special them in you own way and your own style. Have to bookmark for an evening project. I want to see it up close.


How clever are you Miss Random? Fancy following all those animals just to put them in your puzzle. Yeah I know you only used nursery ones but clever all the same. Thanks for the fun.


Well spotted!! I think the only ones you missed were giraffes and jaguars!! I hope you have fun with it, when you get to it Dagmar. It looks waaay to challenging at this size to me. LOL

And I've been over to your place, having a lovely time too. See ya RW1!!


I was just having a peek into Jigidi and saw this posted. No time to solve but enough to tell you that it looks absolutely stunning. I will have lots of fun putting all these roaming zebras, elephants and leopards together. :))
Have a wonderful week and enjoy what is left of your Monday, I'm running again ................LOL