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Hippeastrums through the fence.

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Next door this morning - aka Amaryllis.


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There is a gorgeous splash of spring color! everything here is going into fall-time sleepy state. we should be slipping into winter soon. i so hate winter? sigh.


Thanks Shirley. Our storm yesterday gave us all of 3.5mm!!


Thanks Rob, the Hippeastrums are showing their pretty faces everywhere at present, but they would love a drink of rain water.


Thanks Sandy, Dave, snooker, Beekay, Ank, Suzy & Aggie - I'm pleased you all liked this one!!


Excellent framing on this, robyn! Thanks!


Lovely sunny warm photo, Rob! Appreciating here in the northern hemisphere as the days are getting chillier... ;-)


Lovely photo Rob! I like the fence too, adds a lot of interest to the shot.

Great job on this one, Rob.


It is a beautiful shot! The detail holds clear to the center of the flowers and the fence is a nice pleasing touch. Thanks Robyn.


Wow what a beautiful shot robyn.


Thanks Floyd!!

I couldn't agree more Prue - we've missed out too, and we've had a coupe of dry windy days just to make it worse!! At least the Hippies are brightening the place up!! Thanks!


They are lovely, Robyn. All over my area they are flashing their bright, colourful faces. Yes, bring on some rain, Huey! Thought we might get some this afternoon, but the dark clouds have gone away. Hope they're coming your way!


Beautiful flower. Looks pretty nice from this side of the fence. Thanks Rob for sharing.


Thanks Laura! Very, very dry & warm - after a much warmer winter than usual!! The whole country had a mild winter that broke records!! We badly need soaking rain - all the lawns are browning off and plants are flowering early!


Robyn, these are just perfect! How is your spring coming along?


Nice to see you songbird - I don't think they're related as the prairie lily is native to North America and these are originally South African. They are also found in Sth America, US and in lots of other countries, including Australia - where I live. Thanks!!


Lovely. I wonder if they are related to the SK prairie lily?