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Elf Archer

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luthien, see comments on "The Captain" she didn't done runned off with some rogue! ;-)


Ahhhh, Beryl knows all...tells little, so all our secrets are moderately safe with her! Someday if we ever meet face to face we can regale HRH with our airline cool your worked for AC! So you know exactly how complicated our scheduling is...outsiders just can't get it!
Speaking of HRH...I am really concerned now...reckon she met a fella and ran away?!? We will need some new jigs to use for our comments, I'll see what I can find out. ;-)
No one would believe any excuses I gave...even if I tried! ;-)
Glad to hear you're getting on w/Eragon...I tried reading "The Hobbit" first, too heavy sledding for me, then read Eragon, et al...then was able to get into LOTR...then I finally managed Hobbit allthe way through. You may notice some other similarities along the to walk one of the tail waggers before dark..see ya! ;-)))


Woo-hoo made it through another day at work...I got a teeny tiny netbook to use during downtimes and it is sooooooo slow...but better than not! Where was I...oh yeah, names! I got Callie Lou from a made for tv film titled "The Dollmaker" wherein Callie Lou is the imaginary best friend of the daughter, which the mother went along with and took seriously...I was so touched by that! (I'm kinda teched in the haid anyway ;-)! Depending on the origin Callie means "beautiful, lark, from/of the forest" so you can make that into beautiful lark from the forest...fits, eh?!? She's gorgeous, talks a blue streak and someone dumped she and her brother in the woods!
Don't do FB (except to respond to Jigidi folks sometimes), never have tweeted/twittered or hash # tagged around!!! All that is way too public for me...just happy here at Jigidi!
There, did I answer all your burning questions...for now? Must say, I am feeling a bit singed around the ears! ;-)))


I had a neighbor years ago named in peril, she was either Scottish or Irish, if I knew then I don't know now. I always thought it was a cool name, and looked up the origins, seem to remember it being a gem..emerald? Anyhoo, it has so much more MYSTIQUE than Esmeralda! ;-)))))
I work for a regional airline in CLT, and my schedule will be e-a-r-l-y until at least May...then we bid telling what the lines to bid will look like! TBC... ;-)


Hugs are something I never get enough of, so hug away luthien! I'm kinda disappointed this isn't you...thought I had you nailed! ;-) Thought it was time to do some spring cleaning, so I dusted off another pic for my new avatar...thanks, glad you like it! It's just not like HRH to not even check comments and reply, so my best guess is she has been kidnapped by the evil Vampire Queen...or she may be having computer problems...again dag-nabbit! Really hope you like Eragon...Chris Paolini was 16 when he wrote it! (oops, forgot to mention there are 4 volumes...) Enjoy! ;-)))

P.S. My avatar's name is Beryl! ;-)


Could this be what our very own luthien looks like?!? Or, is it Zelda, Elf Queen of the Dragons.....or, are they one in the same...THAT'S the burning question! ;-) Will have to solve to get a closer look...thanks in advance YRH! ;-)))