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One day from VA to CA!
Well, actually, it was two days.


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It's unfortunate that this is your view. If it's foreclosed, the bank owns it. Have you looked into what ordinances there are in your area for maintaining property? I know some banks have been forced to clean up foreclosed properties and pay for their upkeep until they're sold.


Omom, on the other side of the fence is a foreclosed property that appears to be derelict. It has dead and dying landscaping, piles of trash, an empty swimming pool, and decrepit outbuildings.


Thanks, Plumpy. Now I'm curious what's on the other side of the fence and why you want to hide the view.


Omom and Hanne, you can find the whole story at roseheather's puzzle:
Interesting info, RH!


They did a fine job packaging this, PP. I really appreciate you showing me the plants and how they shipped it. I have the name of the nursery now, so I can get some. Thank you!


"Packaging" was a brand new college major as I was completing my bachelor's degree. It is certainly an interesting sight for me to see how packaging of all sorts of items has come about. The blue sticks obviously keep the plants from going to the top of the box, if tipped, which could break off stems. Thanks for sharing this Plumpossum. ; )




Hi Plumpy, can you please explain this?