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Centennial Monument in Edwardsville, IL

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The monument was erected in September, 1912, in honor of the county's 100-year mark and in memory of its first settlers.
The monument includes faces of muses on each side: Plenty on the south side, Virtue, on the east side, Justice on the north side and Wisdom on the west side.
Surrounding the four muses is a globe representing Earth and several American shields and eagles.
It is made from Georgia marble from the Georgia Marble Company and weighs an estimated 60,000 pounds or 30 tons.
It reads, In Grateful Memory of Early Settlers, who by Courage, Industry and Endurance Transformed a Wilderness into a Land of Order, Peace and Plenty.


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Yes we do, pumpkin. Makes a body proud. You are most welcome, morris. Thanks!


It's beautiful, laura! Thanks for the history!!


Those early settlers were a very strong group of people. We have much to thank them for.


I posted a description of this monument, PG, so you can read about it. It is pretty cool.


They lost the light.