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Thanks so much, PJ! :-)))


Pat - great fun, and an interesting challenge. I'd like to echo Katie "wacky, wavy and wild star".


Be careful what you wish for, Aishahm......LOL!

Thanks, Katie, Ardy, Aishahm, and whatnauts--after reading all the comments saying that this was difficult, I actually studied it before I solved it--very unusual for me! (Usually I just plow ahead without having any idea what it should look like...). I guess solving puzzles can be both restful and lots of work, depending on the puzzle, so any day should be okay... :-)))


Terrific puzzle, PD. Thanks much. Congrats on being in first place!!


I just love this one Pat. Now I know I will be kicking myself later, but could I please have this one in a much larger size? I would love a nice monster for the day!


That took some doing, Pat. For me Saturday is the day of rest and Sunday is the busy day. I went to early service today as I usually do. I am a Seventh-day Adventist, a Christian denomination that observes the Biblical Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. But thanks for a fun puzzle. I can think on Saturday too.


It's a wacky, wavy and wild star! Thanks for the Saturday challenge Pat!


Sunday is for resting--Saturday is for wracking your brains and struggling! LOL! Thanks, Lela, wilddog, and Edie! :-)))


Yes, it was rather aMAZEing and I think that's why we all got lost. Lots of fun to solve, thanks Pat


I agree that it easy to get loss in the puzzle. It was a bit difficult but, the beautiful colors and the patttern make it all worth the work.


I got completely lost here.....looks as though others did also, as well, too!.............