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Hoping autumn comes soon

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In Oregon, the temp over the weekend had a high of 88 degrees and a low of 58 degrees. In Florida, cool is 90 degrees. Aye, aye, aye.


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Hi Michelle, for the last two weeks, I've only been on to post some puzzles, so I've missed a lot of people's puzzles. I'll check yours out when I'm finished making comments.

Did hubby get the diabetes from the RA meds? I know steroid use over a long period of time can cause it. I feel for him. Please wish him well for me.

I know moving is very stressful no matter what the circumstances. I moved from Oregon to Florida last year (West Coast to East Coast across the country) to live closer to my sister. I loved living in Oregon and don't much care for Florida, but it's great to have her close by. It was incredibly stressful packing up and giving a lot of furniture and other things away, then making the move. I left my five cats behind with my good friend and vet, Andy. She took great care of them for a week until I was ready to receive them. I wish you both the best of luck in your move. It'll get easier, I promise you. I'm disabled and it was rough on me, physically and emotionally, to move 3,100 miles away. But I'm slowly adapting to life here. I left a warm, temperate, rainy climate with mild winters to one with average temps in the summer in the 90s to 100s. Winters here are wonderful, though, so I had to reverse my thinking on which season I enjoy the most. So, as much as I hate the heat, when my friends in Oregon are going through winter, with rain every day and some ice and snow, I'll be basking in the sunlight in 50-70 degree weather. Nyah nyah nyah nyah.....

In case we don't "talk" again for a while, I wish you the best of luck with your move. Just take it minute by minute. Once you're unpacked, you'll get to rest and relax.


Hi gail, hope you feeling much better and that there is improvement, we moving in 4 days time so do not not know if i will have use of internet and a computer - hope and pray i do - cos i will miss our chats if i do not, also have to finish my 3rd course while i still have computer and telephone lines!!! Supposed to be doing that now ,also supposed to be helping hubby with the packing grrr, lol brightspark x x x


just posted an unusual african table and chairs - small one for you!!!! lol


hi there, he has been on lots of medication over the years and about 4 years ago became diabetic, poor man, also kidneys been affected - but we wake up every day and say thanks for yet another one!Just our moving now is very stressful and have had to get a contractor in to do our renovations on our new place as he can no longer do it!!! We will get there - eventually and it will be bliss!! Semi retirement village so no more looking after and maintaining pools and gardens and roof etc!!! How you and tootsie doing?? Lol x x


That's a shame about your husband, Michelle. One of my good friends (my former veterinarian) has rheumatoid arthritis. I don't know how she gets up some days and makes it to her clinic. I hope the rheumatologist can find him some relief. Would you give me an update when you find out?

Here's a link I just found on possible side effects:

Has your hubby had his liver enzymes tested to find out what his ALT numbers are? Something you might look into.

The Atopica (cyclosporine) that Tootsie is back on has similar side effects, and is also used for RA patients. You might want to ask his doctor about this medicine.


hi gail, shame seems like you in agony!! Sympathise with you - my hubby has very bad arthritis in his fingers, they had curled up and were stiff and the doc put him on methatrixate which is a cancer drug, it did help for a few years(is always painful though) and then they had to take him off it cause of damage to kidneys and other stuff, and now we seeing rheumatoligist on monday to see what else they can do for him - shame and he really loves doing "real " puzzles and can no longer do renovations or work around the house - i really apprecciate hearing from your 1 finger - well done for persevering, lol brightspark


1 degree is cold!

Hand slowly getting better. Can type with one finger on left hand. Hand about 20% better, but it's very slow going. I'm doing my exercises and going to rehab. My massage therapist (I go for painful deep tissue massages for my bad fibromyalgia muscles, should be called deep tissue terrorism) suggested I go for cold laser therapy with her chiropractor. I'm not convinced, having just read about it.


dear gail, about a month back we had temperatures in the morning of 1 or 4 degrees and about 9 during the day, been extrememly windy here today but hot +29.5 degrees, we used to have temps of +28 -30 degrees in november so quite early here this year - but the radio said we should expect colder weather this weekend! Hope you feeling a bit better x x x lol


hmph - don't feel sorry 4 u - here every day like this! it gets cold in sa?

srry 4 shorthand.


this was such a lovely puzzle, thx for sharing, south africa is unusually hot at the moment - not complaining - today it was 31.5 degrees!! Lovely - yes it is easy to get dressed and i far prefer the heat to the cold - cos then you hardly see me as i am wrapped up like an eskimo x x x Get well soon octomom - you are in my prayers - god bless x x


There is no language, just lots of tadpole wine and crazy people.


Bonga Bonga? I think not. I don't speak the language :-)


Chrissie, I too am looking for Elsewhere. Right now, I live in Nowhere. If we survive hurricane season, we should sail into the best winters anywhere. Have you tried Bonga Bonga where lela lives?

Calendargirl, Chrissie's comments make everyone laugh.
Oregon winters aren't horrible temperature-wise. Everything west of the Cascade mountain range is in a temperate climate, everything green and lush; everything east of the Cascades is desert and gets really cold most of the winter. It only gets bitterly cold in the Portland area (for Oregonians anyway) a few times a year; it hardly ever snows but black ice is more common. If you can stand living without the sun for a while, it's well worth it. You do get used to it, but by the time summer rolls around you're good and sick of the rain, which usually stops for good on July 4th.

Florida has so many "snowbirds", people who come here during the winters and then go home to enjoy their summers. Wish I could do that. There's your ideal weather, Chrissie.


That really made me laugh foxymoron. Reading everyone's comments below, I guess it just goes to show that you can please all of the people some of the time. I think the reason I love the summer so much (apart from actually being warm) is that it's so easy to get dressed in the morning. Thanks for your good wishes Octomum. I was lucky enough to visit Florida about 15 years ago, in July, and although it was great for a holiday, I imagine the relentless heat and humidity can be very tedious, so I can understand your relief when the cooler, more comfortable days arrive. I can't even begin to imagine an Oregon winter, I'd have been no good as a pioneer! So the next time I'm tempted to moan about the winters over here I'll remind myself that it could be a whole lot worse! :))


Have any of you ever thought of moving to the place with the best climate on Earth?
I can't find it on any map but I hear of it on the radio weather reports... "Elsewhere fine".
Does anyone know where Elsewhere is to be found? :-)

Cool (pardon the pun) puzzle... thanks, Gail :-)


See ~ I'm not alone! We can all share our humidity with each other.


I love your puzzle Gail - the colours are beautiful:))

Our winter temps are pretty easy to take - at the moment it's 21C - 70F - and clear & sunny. Our night time minimum is around 12 to 14C - 55F - and that's easy to take!! Summers are hot, humid & stormy - not my favourite on extreme days!!! But I wouldn't move further south for all the tea in China:)))) We've lived in a tropical or sub-tropical climate for 43 years now - and I'd hate a 'real' winter!!!


What a lovely puzzle, Gail! Thanks.

I don't like heat and humidity either. This summer in Toronto has been unusually cool, but I'm not complaining. Here we usually get the worst of both worlds: hot, humid summers and cold, messy winters. Hooray for spring and fall! My brother lives in a small town outside of San Francisco. The weather there is almost always wonderful - rarely too hot or too cold.


I hope you have a wonderful Indian summer, Hester. Me, I'm just trying to do my weather dance to get the temp down to 80.

I'm glad for you as well, calendargirl. Move to Florida and you'll change your tune pretty quickly. Heat, humidity, driving rain, horrible. But the winters here are spectacular. Nice cool days and slightly cooler nights. I can even sleep with a light quilt again instead of just the sheet I'm using. I miss my down comforter, which I gave to a friend when I left Oregon. I loved snuggling up under it with the cats. Oregon summers are the best summers anywhere, but the flip side is that winters are atrocious. The sun rarely shows its face, except for one week during the last week of January or first week of February. The weather warms up, the sun comes out, and everybody loves what is called the "Spring Thaw". I'm still trying to decide if I dislike Florida summers as much as I disliked Oregon winters. There's a lot you can wear to get warm, but not much you can take off to stay cool, and air conditioning costs are high here. Oh well, can't have everything... So forgive me if I look forward to fall and winter here. Then you'll be the ones complaining and I'll be happy as a pig in .......


I'm with you on that feistyfreddy! This has been the best British summer for years and I'd be more than happy for it to last another couple of months :)) I think I was born in the wrong place....


Oh, hang on a minute, Gail! Some of us haven't given up on summer yet! We have 15 degrees today but I'm keeping everything crossed for an Indian summer! :-)