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Random Swirl Strongman

42 pieces
96 solves
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195-pieces--as large as it goes...


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Of course, Lela.........

Thanks, whatnauts--every so often I remember a method I haven't used in a while, like tilt tiles, and then the old becomes new again, sort of... LOL!


Wow, this is terrific, whatever it may be!! Thanks, PD.


Yes......with big ears.........


Hmmm.... Maybe it's a strongman angel--I would think that heaven is full of all sorts of people, so why not someone who worked out at the gym?! LOL!


I see this more as an angel than as a strongman!! It's floating in rainbow coloured clouds. Thanks Pat :~)))


It was supposed to start at noon, and we still have nothing at all, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed... Thanks, Ardy! :-))


Does rather remind me of Gail's angels. But I saw the strongman image when I first looked at it. Don't know what I think after reading all the comments. LOL 3:49 - one second off the current board. Thanks, Pat. Do you have snow or more snow? I woke up to find some and it's still floating down but I haven't needed to get the shovel out as its melting on paved surfaces.


And I thought that they were the muscular arms with bulging biceps of the strongman in my title! (He has a narrow waist, a heart-shaped head with huge eyes, a wide stance, and I won't describe anything else....LOL!). But I can see where you of all people would visualize ears........................


I thought the wings were ears.....................


Thanks, Edie, Barb, and Ank. I didn't title it a fly, so it probably isn't official! As long as you all liked it, though, it will be content to stand on its own (well, on its own but not alone, since it has so many offspring at its feet! LOL!).

I like your other photo, Barb! :-)))


WOW, it must be some angel, or a new kind of butterfly, or .............. just Wow. Lovely Pat, thanks.


Found this really challenging ... had trouble getting a handle on it but got there in the end.
I thought of one of Gail's angels at first. I wonder if Ardy will be recording this unusual sighting.
Thanks for a fun puzzle, Pat. :-))


Angel was my first thought from afar. On closer examination I think it's more of a 'Fragmented Fly'
Thanks Pat it was fun.


Thank, Kate! :-)))

You're incorrigible, Rosie! LOL! I started out with my usual LunaPic fiddles, then decided to do the tilt tiles one, which makes a tilted view of multiple repeats, each row getting smaller. But then I didn't know where to go from there, so I went back to my fly-making routine, and ended up with this. Maybe this is a very fecund fly, and that's why it has so many young-un's! And there you were on the other puzzle, lamenting the lack of flies today! Sheesh! LOL!


This must be a new animal or insect for us to enjoy and it looks like it has been proliferating since you got it ready for posting last night. Are you storing them all together or have you been keeping the genders separate? TeHe, you became a MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now what? Rosie


Looks to me like an angel :-)