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So Adorable!!! Yet Thrown Away :-(

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My husband found these adorable puppies this afternoon in the highway. Someone had simply thrown them away! Poor little things are eat up with the biggest fleas that I have ever seen in my life, The blonde one is a little girl and the solid black one is a boy. We are guessing that they are about 6 weeks old. As I was taking their picutures, I think I noticed that the little blonde one is still young enough to have blue eyes. Is this an indication of age possibly?

They are now in one of our bathtubs sound asleep after eating a hearty little meal and drinking some water.

My husband went to the vet immediately to get some flea soap, but she said flea soap wasn't recommended for puppies this young. She suggested a pill that will kill the fleas in a few hours. I want to bathe the little buggers so bad LOL


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May each and every person who has been following this story find a blessing, and a ray of sunshine, and a bit of wisdom that has been shared by fellow Jigidiers in their comments they have left.

In case the comment below is missed somehow on the other puzzles.....please allow me to post it on each of the adventures of Callie Lou and her brother............

I am THANKFUL for soooooooooooo many things!!!!!!!! I stumbled into Jigidi not so long ago. Not only has Callie Lou found a community filled with support, well wishes, wisdom, sharing, caring, tips and warmth, it has become so evident to me too :-)))))))))) I am so thankful for Jigidi and all of its wonderful people. What a great way for everyone to start off the new year. I am thrilled to have been part of Calli Lou's and her brothers life and the oppertunity to share it with the world. For such tiny pups, they have indeed traveled all around the world. The love that wasn't there from their beginning has now been multiplied beyond count and we all embrace their future with high hopes. I am so greatful for Libby welcoming Callie into her home and heart!!!!! My husband stands tall in my eyes for all that he has done for these little guys. His very first emergency trip to the vets office to find something to combat the fleas, another trip that night for oatmeal shampoo aftr learning fleas might could jump 6 feet LOL LOL LOL, the early morning visit to the vet to get their first shots and deworming, the trips to fetch food and toys LOL, his tender heart, and his patience with me through all this, makes him one special guy in my book!!!! He has always been good to me. God blessed me with my husband and our son and He has always had His hand in my life!!!!! I learned a good while back that when we ask of Him things and it seems that He doesn't answer, that we are often asking for the wrong things. I am sure many of you have seen this in your lives too? Sometimes we just need to change what we are asking for and then do some searching for what He has already provided for us. He has promised to supply us with every need. We just have to do our part and search out those supplies that He already has in place.

I am delighted that the story of these two little pups have touched so many lives. I am thankful for each of you that have shared in their journey and best of all, we all have something good to look forward to because of Libby. Who could ask for more? LOL

So here is to ALL of Jigidi and to the future!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))))))) Hugs and appreciation all around with more to come :-)))))))))))))


Please let me post this on the puzzles and then I will be back with replies to the comments :-)

Let me give all of you and update for today. When the trucker guy was a no show, and then our decision not to let the other lady have her because they had numerous other dogs that were kept in pens, it was back to us keeping her. But since she is part Lab, I fear that the alligators in the pond would eat her if she went for a swim, coupled with us living next to the highway that my husband found the puppies, we would need a fenced in back yard to keep her safe....which we don't have. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride with trying to decide whethr or not to keep her. But the latest news is that the trucker guy might end up with her after all.

Here is what happened today. It turned out that my husband was calling the wrong number yesterday when he was trying to get in touch with the guy. He finally realized his mistake and dialed the right number. The guy saw where we had tried to call him, so he called us back early this morning and hubby told him he could still have her. He came right on out. BUT....I was royally ticked at not hearing from him yesterday.....I would have expected a call saying that he was unable to come right then and would come for her today......but come to find out, he was in a section of Florida where he did not have reception. Anyway, being the grump pot that I am early in the morning, I made some hard fast rules. He could come and look at her but he could not take her home with him today. I want to test him to see if he keeps his word about getting her tomorrow. The poor little thing is still scratching like crazy, so back to the vet she went after he left. The vet took about 20 minutes with her but saw no reason to prescribe anything. He said that her skin was just dry and causing the itching. Probably the massive flea infestation didn't help either.

Anyway, Bella is still with us and we will see if she goes home with the guy tomorrow. There will still be some rules though. If he will let us take a picture of him holding her, give us his address, and promise to check in with us or let us call him, then I will feel better about letting her go. I so want to keep her, but like I said, I am afraid that something would happen to her due to the pond and road issue.

I do know one thing......this guy is going to have to prove himself worthy of her before I let him take her. If you are thinking that I can be a grump pot at times then you would be right. I fight hard when something comes down to "the principle of the thing!!!"


I did indeed loose my internet last night while trying to answer comments. Windstream got another call LOL as I was pretty ticked about the instability of my internet. Work is still going on with the lines but the tech support guy put us down to have a repairman come out today and check everything on our end. Low and behold, MY MODEM has been at fault. The repairman just left and I now have a new modem AND INTERNET!!!!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!! Update to follow in just a bit.....I want to let everybody know why there were no updates yesterday and no new photos.


I'm following your warms my heart... :)))))


Javasage, I can not believe it but the little buggers slept ALL night long!!!!! Not one single peep out of them!!!!!! I think the fact that they have each other helps tons?

I just put them down for a nap. It is soooooo amazing how fast they get spoiled!!!!!! I have a feeling that tonight might not go as well as last night LOL This time when I put them down for their nap, the little girl started to whimper and carry on. I realized that she wanted to be HELD for her nap!!!!!! How in the world did this happen soooooo doggone fast???????????? And yes, I gave into her and brought both of them back to the sofa with me and they fell fast asleep almost before I sat down!!!!! This is boggling my mind!!!!!!!!


How did you all fare through the night? Did anyone get any sleep? ;-)


Here are the four puzzle links all together that I uploaded this afternoon:

That includes the above puzzle too :-))))))


Nellies, it simply breaks both our hearts and there is NO way these pups would be left to fend for themselves. It only seems natural to do what needs to be done!!!!! Simply can not see doing it any other way!!!!! Thank you for caring too!!!! :-)


Dogbones!!!! Fancy meeting you on here!!!!! Big smiles all around :-))))))) Thank you for dropping by my dear friend!!!!!!! Sent you an email just a short bit ago :-) Hubby got some oatmeal shampoo at WalMart and pups have had a good bath.

For those following any of this, check out the other three puzzle pictures that I posted. I will give a link for them in just a bit. It is amazing, but there is not a flea to be seen on the babies!!!!!


Hubby and you are wonderful :o) Thank you for being such good and diligent caregivers. Not everyone would put out so much love and care to mistreted little pups.


Sargeants makes a really good flea and tick shampoo. I use it on my ferrets.


Libby, the little blonde one did indeed have a bowel movement on its own, and they do have tiny little teeth, so I think they are not in need of a milk supplement. The canned food that hubby bought was sniffed out and eaten quickly with a few growls coming from blondie LOL

They are soooooooo sweet and adorable :-)))))))

Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!


I just googled 6 week old puppy care, and got plenty of they have teeth and are they having bowel movements on their own? If so, they probably don't need puppy milk (cow milk will most likely give them the runs, best get puppy replacer milk if you need to) If they are 6 weeks, they will be ok with puppy food. Read some of the articles, then go with your own common sense and intuition! Will check back in the am to see how you all are faring! Please give them extra cuddles for me! Libby ;-)))


The pill works internally when the fleas bite them they die...the shampoo will give some immediate soothing relief and results, plus you may get a bunch more of the wee buggers while combing or brushing them out...fewer to bite them. They will continue to scratch since they've already been bitten numerous times. (Not to mention #1 hubby will have to help you bathe them, thus the bonding continues...ssshhhhh...don't tell!) ;-)


SallySalal, believe it or not, I am already noticing a difference in the fleas. A few seem to be missing. The pill we gave them is suppose to act quickly. Hubby did get some Oatmeal shampoo but thinks that maybe I should postpone the bath until tomorrow to give the pill some time to do its job.

I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do? Bathe now or wait? Little buggers are really bothered with scratching and itching.


Javasage, do you have any links that I could use to gain some accurate info from?

I grabbed the little rascals and took them out. Their cue word is "out". They both did their thing, the little blonde one is much more outgoing and more adventurous. The little black one seems quiet shy or perhaps afraid. He wants to keep his distance while blondie wants to be petted and played with. Blondie will pounce on Blackie and Blackie follows Blondie. (Just a couple of names I just am using to describe them :-)

I let them wander around a good bit and then brought them back inside. Blackie went to sleep immediately while Blondie wanted some attention for a short while and then proceeded to fall asleep.

It has been many many years since we have take care of a baby pup, so any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

Dido on thanks for caring!! What adorable little puppies! Good advice on the piddling. Our puppy was trained by her breeder to piddle in cedar shavings. When we picked her up they gave us a bag of shavings to put where we wanted her to go. It did the trick! Hope the fleas die soon!


Javasage, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I do believe it is time for a piddle then!!!!!! Running for the pups and the door >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Pups that young will probably need to "piddle" as soon as they wake up from sleeping, a few minutes after eating, and most likely won't be able to hold on more than a coupe of hours at best while they're still this young. Take them outside to the same area every time, decide on a phrase to use and say it as you're waiting for them to go to the bathroom, then praise lavishly when they do. This way you can teach them to go on cue! Just about everything you might need to know about taking care of them at this stage will be available via computer...strange the vet wanted to give them flea tabs so young and not a mild shampoo...hey, what do I know!


Nanax.....I did indeed tell my husband for you that you said "Thanks!" Thank you for caring :-)


Javasage, they are just babies....not sure what kind they are. The little blonde one had a bit longer hair than the black one. Only a guess that they probably have some lab in them? The little black one looks more like lab, but their feet are small, and I thought labs had pretty large feet? I would love to look at their tongues to see of there is any black on them but I don't want to frighten them. I belive black on the tongue indicates chow?

Any info on how to care for puppies this young, like when they need to potty would be greatly appreciated LOL


Hummingbird, thank your husband for me! It breaks my heart to know someone would do this. Though I know they are in good hands now. If you plan to get forever homes for them I'm sure you won't have a problem doing that...they are adorable!


I have never understood how anyone could put dogs, much less puppies this young out, and I hope I never will!!! Obviously the right person found them! ;-)))


Gladstone, I am so glad my husband saw them and brought them in from wandering around in the highway and cold!!!!! They are little beauties!!!!!


They are so adorable that you wonder how anyone could just throw them out to perish or maybe hope someone would do what you did for them. Thanks for caring.