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PJ's Special Request #17

54 pieces
331 solves
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I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, Tassia. :-))))))))


I found it to, nice puzzle to solve, thank you alot,
Tassia. :-)))))


Edie, I made up a list for you which I'll post on the puzzle you commented on last night. But I"ll have to revise the whole list of puzzles if you would rather stick to the small ones. :-)
It's actually easy enough to do.


Found this small one with over 300 solves and did manage the board on my second try. I can see why it was popular with all those fun colours. Thanks Wendy.


Yes, Judy, the huge one is the momma. There were so many babies that she almost burst. LOL!


I love the colorful orbs, and the lines(?) look like a wonderful supply of collectable ribbons. What a celebration going on! I LOVE this puzzle. Is the background orb/balloon/ weird bubble the momma?


Oh, Ardy, don't make me feel bad. I'll make a special puzzle for you with the flower wheels, and try to do it within the next few days. I've been really trying to create things that are easy on my hand for now....and the wheel puzzles aren't that easy usually. I only forgot you and a few others for a few days. Other than that, you and my other friends are on my mind whenever I'm on Jigidi. :-)

Thank you, dear PJ. I love when you compliment my work....because I always get a chuckle out of it. You picked it out, so you get half the credit. So maybe I should thank you for your great taste. LOL! ;-)


Wendy - I agree totally with Tigress' comment.
Wonderful and adorable.


I found it Wendy. I miss the "olden days" when I got to take play times with Maggie and Cassie and .. things. But you have never been forgotten, my friend..


Thank you, dear Ardy. I just got done leaving you a message on the other puzzle you posted a comment on. :-)


Wendy, I don't care what you call them as long as I can call them lovely, wonderful, delightful, colorful fun. Thank you.


Katie, I just checked to see what Barb saw, and now I'm very confused as to what these are. I originally meant them to be balloons, but then I never really made them balloons, and if they're bubbles, they're not very transparent, so they come from a strange bubble machine....or at least a strange substance.


I love this one Wendy! They look like bubbles to me.


While I'm here, I should mention that you posted a wonderful puzzle of Paul Newman yesterday...and I had to leave another comment on your puzzle. :-)


Thank you, Barb. And like you, I really like the globes. I'm sure you've seen Jill's orbs before. I can never tire of them.


Wendy, I really like these big colourful globes (balls, balloons, circles) on the patterned background. Very attractive and fun to solve. :-)