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Deku Tree

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  1. like921151:23
  2. innese1:24
  3. swadlow1:28
  4. loveydear1:37
  5. BobE441:42
  6. kay011:42
  7. Ianto1:42
  8. wozzles1:46
  9. lyndee1:46
  10. jigsawjane1:46


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I'm so glad everyone loves this guy!! I think he's amazing. JC, you KNOW someone this old and wise has to have a wicked sense of humor. And Kate, let those thoughts flow...I bet Deku will fall in love with you right back ;o) Hurry back...we miss you!!


I think I'm in love. He's wonderful. All sorts of thoughts and comments are going through my mind but probably good to stop here. I'm only in the jig for a few minutes.


OMG Robbie, if I came home late one night and he said.....BOO!!!!......I would probably pee meself!! LMBO!! :oD


He certainly does look like a wise old guardian Susie, you named him well. What if you came home late one night and he said.....BOO!!!!......I bet you wouldn't hug him the next day?!
Very cool puzzle.


Me too!! Can you imagine how old that tree must be, Lovey? I would hug him daily...he makes me feel better just looking at him :o)


Awesome, I'd love to have this in my yard!!!


The Deku Tree is from the Legend of Zelda...he is the Guardian of the Forest. This tree looks like an old wise guardian of the forest, sooooo....I named him Deku Tree LOL :oD


never seen this before

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