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Birds In A Box.....

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77 solves
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That seems to be the group slant on it... I didn't do it Occidentally.... :) :)


Definitely an oriental tilt on this pic. It's wonderful, SMor.


Thank you, QORE.... I like your oriental take on this one... If you love it, I'm a happy RS.... :) :)

Thank you, Ank... Hoop dat je nieuwe jaar begint geweldig.... :) :)

How's Our Shirley doing? Glad you like this one, mate... Birds and flowers are good subjects... Throw in a few fractals and we've got fun.... I just remember the cheese and had a quick look... Very clever and very witty... Can't fool us, mate.... :) :)

'Say what'.... Wait one... Gotta get my pocket translator out....
Didn't know pumpkins were so good at 'free association'...
Are you sure you don't have a degree in psychology.... :) :) :) :)

Thank you, Francine.... I've always admired the delicacy of oriental art... Glad you liked it.... :) :)

Birds are precious, Patti, so are our Jigidi friends... Thinking of you, take care... Hugs from OZ.... :) :)

Wondrous fine puzzle. Sally.

Punkin, take 2 aspirin and see the doctor in the morning. :)


Instead of in a cage! They are precious birds! Thanks, Sally!


Oriental touch to my eyes also. Quite attractive. Thanks Sally. (2:39)


Birds in a cube. Birds cubed. 6 birds. 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie. Apple pie. Ala mode. Warm. Tropics. Not here. Cold. Silk long john kind of weather. John. We all have a good friend of that name. Name the tropic! Where are the tropical birds? In a cube!
I am exhausted!!!


I was thinking the same as Mimi, it does have an oriental look about it, very nice sally, birds and flowers go together so well, pretty colours too, Thanks Sally. :):)


Very lovely


Elegant! I really love this it looks oriental in it's richness and yet simplicity. You are one very good RS!


Thank you Your Photoness... I'm on my way to check it out... Then soon to sleep... Per chance to dream... :) :)


Kool puzzle Ms ditto. I left you an answer to your question.