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I hope tomorrow 8-7- its the last day in pink.

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  1. truck1:06
  2. 0_sue_01:21
  3. Brie16481:22
  4. mccunemom1:23
  5. Juanca28101:27
  6. mariolyn1:28
  7. Ldeloac61:28
  8. LAinVA1:32
  9. wigma1:35
  10. icy_blue_green1:36


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Truck you are absolutley rite.!! Het witte voetje zat er onder hoor Impie
Al pink are goin now 3 weeks to go without bandages. Thans for al your comments and also the humor I like that.


Prachtig hoor☺☺☺ wilde zeker geen wit voetje halen?! :)))))))


OMG Truck!! It doesn't bear thinking about!!!


very true truck... loving the pink though lol


Just a suggestion for all those that like to put their feet up on the dash like the one in the picture, just imagine what you would look like if the air bag went off...................I'm thinking probably, lots more pink.


yes Brie pink is pretty hahaha Thank yoy al for your kind comment,s Dank je wel Zwan .
Morgen zal ik hoper verlost worden van de pennen die doen auw !! nu.
yes Cinder double trouble.


veel succes met je pootje .


Oh you have my sympathy! But the pink is rather pretty!


Oh dear, double trouble! Hope it will be better soon. Pff is right. Will be thinking of you dear. Hugs


thanks Ginger I dit nothing but its reconstution 1 dokter dit it wrong and another docter has to fix it.
6 weeks now.pfff


Me too Adrianna! What did you do? :o( ..looks painful, so sorry dear. Hugs Ginger ☺


Thanks mccunemom

I am hoping that you get your WISH!

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