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How cute

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Her loyalty was well rewarded-
Good for her that she has humor to share, and good for you for sharing it with us.


That realy made me smile, thank you :~)

mycat,, what a great story! I'm so glad to have happened by!

mycat, thank you for finding out, what a totally charming story...Sherry


Her name is Doris Diether, 85 yrs old, in West Village, N.Y. While Ricky Syers was performing with his marionettes in the park, Mrs.Diether said she had something for him. She had been collecting newspaper clippings and articles since 1974 and gave them to him. He was very impressed and made her a marionette that looked like her. She has used it to feed squirrels ever since.

Wow, this is so amazing. What a great lady. Do you know where this was taken? Thanks for sharing. Elinore

Squirrels in my nabe are very skiddish and run away.


Thank you all for the wonderful comments, This "young" lady finds interesting things to do with her time. I assume it is peaceful for her to come to the park to feed the squirrels.

Wonderful picture thank you!


mycat, I hope when I am that old, I will be clever enough to do something like that to make people either laugh or look at the scene in awe. But I had better hurry up because I only have a few years to get that old. LOL. Thanks so much for sharing. Cece


nicde old lady like the idea


Oh what fun!


THAT brings on smiles!! :o)

What a nice idea, thanks.

Oh, for goodness sake, didn't even notice that!...thanks for pointing that out, RiverCity7!...Sherry

And the marionette has a cane, too!

Quite a picture, amazing thing for lady to do...Sherry

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