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During my walk

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Hi Jan and Suzy. Jan what a pity you did not have your camera. It must have been nice. Suzy I'm sorry but there was not much time for a walk, but it was a lovely day.


A nice birthday walk, I hope you had!


I was driving along and saw a bubbling drinking fountain in a very strange place for a fountain to be. As I stopped at the stop sign there was a large crow standing on the edge of the fountain drinking. He kept doing it for sometime. And I did not have a camera!
Thanks for this one, Ank!!


They are just the same, they are some smaller, not so much, but all the things a normal crow has, they have too. Thief, noise, cathing mouses if they can, it's all there. I like them. They are funny. And do you know, you can teach them talk. Just simple but they can.


I never heard of this kind of bird before. Does it make a lot of noise, like the big crows?


We have a lot of them in this neighbourhood. It's always funny to see them playing. But take care they are thiefs.


Jackdaw seems to be a good size bird. He took up residence in your neighborhood I see.


Thanks Sandy Mimi and Pat. Now he said bye bye and he stayed there. Mimi Nov 4 I posted him too, there you can see him better.

Nice to have him along on the walk.


I couldn't figure out what that was. I guess I have never seen a jackdaw, but we have lots of huge crows around during the summer.


Ank, didn't have room on chickiemama. I am also mamahen.


Nice shot Ank. Happy Birthday!


Thanks Hanne Ardy and Patty, I just love your comments.


Love it thanks.... Happy Birthday......


He must have other things to do but it was nice to have his company for a bit on our walk. Happy Birthday to you, Ank. Thanks for all your great puzzles and information.


Wonderful, Ank!! Thanks so very much!!


It is a jackdaw. A small kind of Crow. He has flown with us a bit.
Sleep tight my friend.


Do you know what that is? Looks like a large bird, and if so, what kind? Good morning, Ank. Good night to me :-)


And there is Karel again, saying bye bye to us.

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