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"The Stolen"

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All humans have these, born within our childhood when we don’t realize how impossible what we want to do actually is. Some people abandon these dreams entirely, citing the need to be “realistic,” but others, who combine realism with hope, hard work, and a stubborn tenacity to get up when they’re knocked down, keep chipping away, moving forward, walking steadily toward that dream. Tobias Sauer is one of these people. As a child, raised in the Montana outdoors, he and his father biked, hunted, kayaked, and hiked; evenings, he joined his artist mother in trying to paint what he had experienced that day, frequently getting frustrated when what he saw in his mind did not make it successfully onto canvas.“These are 40-year-old artist’s hands,” his mother would tell him. “You have little 5-year-old hands. When you have 40-year-old artist’s hands, you’ll be able to make it look just right, too.”
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I agree with you Isaly. Your story nanapuzzler put a smile on my face :-)


That's a great story nanapuzzler. Thanks for the big laugh on this rainy Sunday......


Reminds me of my daughter who wouldn't stop crying in Kindergarten because her Thanksgiving Indian didn't look like her teacher's!! I told her that her teacher had 30 YEARS more practice than she did.


Thank you for your feedback dhi, jandchris and Isaly :-)


Brilliant painting by Tobias Sauer. I can see he has his "40-year-old hands" now. I love this painting.

He certainly has managed to "make it look right". So glad he persevered. This is a fantastic painting, and I would love to own it.


Very wise advice to a young one. BM

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