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  1. Sonny916:14
  2. jmbj7:36
  3. tinman9:17
  4. montebob10:43
  5. Buick195511:48
  6. opallia12:14
  7. Norsos112:23
  8. malcolmm18112:36
  9. MichaelE197212:46
  10. mitchjt13:17


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1958 Ford Fairline Skyliner Retractable Hardtop Convertible. 352 cid engine.


You've got it Pat, that rear quarter roof is the Skyliner model. Lots of extra strength to haul the roof inside. Just a quick scan of google's images of '58's tells me that. We all know the view from the rear is much heavier if we had the opportunity to see there.
I think the major body sculpturing of the 50's cars contributed a lot to use of the multi-color schemes we remember well from ...... then!

We need more cars that look the ones from the 50s and 60s, not all this newer stuff that looks alike.....


amen arsenault. and tri color cars too.


we need more two toned cars


Retractable? looks like it might be.

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