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Paper Stars and Their Kaleidos - small

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Lovely composition - great idea, Barb.


The dusty rose would be my second choice and then the purple.


It is a pretty blue, Gail. I also like the green, dusty rose (pink) and crimson. Glad you had fun with the puzzle. :-)


Katie, I'm glad you enjoyed the colouring of the stars ... I think you probably like the one in the top left corner? I should really do some spring cleaning too but don't seem to have the energy. On a rotten day I feel like doing puzzles and on a good day I want to go out so cleaning tends to take a back seat. LOL
Enjoy the rest of the day and the weekend too. :-)


I really like how you paried the star and it's kaleidoscope. This was a lot of fun. Of course, you know which color I love----the blue:)


Hi Barb, I love the coloring here! And I really like the 3-D origami star you chose. I've already found myself cutting back on Jigidi time... starting serious spring cleaning. It's a little easier when the sun is shining and rooms have more natural light. And with the warmer weather coming I'll be spending a lot more time outside too! I do miss spending time with friends here, but at least more activity is helping me lose some winter weight. Hope you're having a good day today!


Looks like you'll be sharing the crimson with Kirsten and Ardy, Edie. :-))
I know what you mean about keeping up with favourites. I think it will be tougher for me once the weather is warmer because I'll want to be out more. And then between creating puzzles, being out, and also doing mundane chores, it doesn't leave enough time to solve all the puzzles I want.
Have a great day, Edie. :-)


You picked such perfect colours for these Barb and I agree that the red is the best one of all. I'm already having a hard time keeping up with my favourites and it's still only April and I'm only outside working for about two hours. Last year I used to be out pretty much from 8:00 am till 8:00pm only coming in a few times during the day. Not sure how this is going to work out but there will have to be compromises. Plus 5 and sunny today and tomorrow and then looking at a wet week but that may still change. Thanks you for these beauties.


Thank you, Gwen. I'm really glad you had fun with this and like the colours. :-)


What a lovely thought, Ardy. 3 stars together. :-)


Fabulous!!! The colors are great and the origami flowers add depth. Thank you for this lovely composition. It was fun to work. : )


Look at the three of us - together on the board. Wish it could be in real life as well.


Thanks, Ardy. That particular red is 'crimson' on the photo editing site I used. Some of the other reds available are too bright and distort the image so I'm pleased both you and Kirsten like this one.
I'll be over to your place shortly to see those waterfalls. :-)


Beautiful and fun, Barb. Love that red. You don't see many really nice red's in the puzzles. That;s a lovely blue as well. Thanks. It's delightful.

Looks like it's time for me to go post. Back later.


Just finished over at your place, Kirsten, thought I might have missed you.
Delighted to see you have a favourite today. Glad you had fun with it. :-)


Oooh, it's lovely Barb!! I specially like that crimsony red! Yummy!! Thanks for this one, it was good fun! :)))