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album - jc

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The man in black.
Went through a lot in his life....June was right there with him to see him through.
Strong lady. What we survive, makes us a better person.
Loved his music, right from the soul.


That is what's missing on TV now; People speaking with heart, like Johnny Cash & June Carter.... To bad they don't play much of his records on the radio anymore ... well that is all I have to say about it.....
You sure got a good record selection, don't get rid of it (like I did) I'm sorry now.. take care of it, your kids will love them later on....


I loved just listening to him sing anything or just talk and he and June Carter were such a great duo. Thanks for commenting


Yes-yes... loved him, had to watch all of his TV shows.. My husband even stayed put.... favorite song : Sunday Morning ! He was #1, in my book