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Circles, Lines, And Loony

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I doubt I'll ever get tired of your puzzles, but I can certainly understand you not wanting any Roquefort cheese. But then I don't like it to begin with - LOL!! Today I'll move on to others' puzzles, except for any small ones you might have posted today.


Oh, my goodness, whatnauts--how can you stand to look at another one of mine for the next few days?!! It reminds me of when my husband and I were newlyweds, and bought a big chunk of Roquefort cheese and some bread and wine, and had a picnic by a lake. We ate almost all the cheese, and for the next few months, didn't want to see any blue cheese ever again!

I understand your comparison to enjoyable squares--this would qualify as that for me, too, just with the angles making it more interesting. I'm glad you liked it!


This would be my version of enjoyable squares. They're not squares, but the sections are interesting to put together. I did nine of your large puzzles today, but I'm still not quite caught up. And probably never will be - hahahaha. (42:38)


Yes, being able to edit a title will be great! They did come up with some good changes, I admit--I just get caught up in the visual presentation, and the need to change my whole way of using it. I'm sure I'll appreciate the rest of it more, once my ire loses fire! :-)


I have decided the black box is indeed a bit much. I've been looking at a lot of puzzles and comparing them to the grey box. And the grey box was much less intrusive. Now with any puzzles that have black backgrounds, you can't tell where the puzzle ends and the background starts.

Someone reminded Hanne of a new feature which I think will be very useful to creators and that is the ability to edit the title of a puzzle. T''will be good for editing out any typos!!!!


I rarely look at you-tube, either, unless someone emails me, or someone on Jigidi posts a link. I just don't like the blank black screen showing--especially since it stays the same size, no matter what size your puzzle is. On the old Jigidi, it was a very large (maybe 4 times the size of the puzzle) pale grey box that was barely noticeable behind the puzzle. Now it's just maybe 1 1/2 times the size of the puzzle, and black, and I find it ugly and distracting. Plus I find the scrolling descriptions less clear--sometimes the title and the line under it touch; and I truly hate the red stars...... But you're smart to work on it and get used to it....I guess I should bite the bullet, too.


I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with the new version. I figure I will get used to it that much faster. Unfortunately I have a lot of Jigidi stuff bookmarked on the toolbar, so I often find myself back to the old jigidi. Overall, I like the new setup. With the removal of the links on the side, all the puzzle information is more concise and takes up less room on the page. Therefore, less scrolling to get to the comment section. The preview pane is now larger, and although some of the information is 'in your face', I think we'll get used to it. I don't use youtube very often, so I'm not reminded of it when I open a puzzle. And no, I'm not bothered by the way the puzzle opens.

One of the things I like is the bookmarks - sort of. I don't like that it takes 2 clicks to get to them (but I've solved that problem), but once I get to them, I can easily choose solved or unsolved without clicking on an option box.

Lots of websites have a site map at the bottom of the page, so I think it makes sense. If you are scrolling through a long list of comments (although why you would start at the top and read them in reverse order is beyond me, but it does happen occassionally), and find yourself at the bottom of the page, you can then click on a link rather than scrolling all the way to the top of the page.

The font is bigger, so those with poor eyesight should be happier. I must admit that I don't even notice the timer, but it will be nice when solving those oh-so-huge puzzles, particularly for remembering to pause and save my work every now and then. I think the other reason I don't notice the timer is because of the full screeen feature we now have. It's tucked away in the corner and not noticeable unless I'm clicking on pause.

So I'm pretty happy with the new site. I think it's nice and clean looking - more modern.


Yes, I did see that--top and bottom. But why make you do that? Jigidi itself in its description of the new setup--a description I didn't find anywhere until the evening--mentions that it is now a double-click away. It was right where it belongs before--if it ain't broke.....

I'm glad the timer is back, and I'll have to check it out. Do you have to engage it every time,,or is it a one-time deal? (I'll check--you don't have to answer!). Did you fine the way the puzzle pops up, after you click on the thumbnail, as disconcerting as I did? I really thought it was going to be a video, with the brief black screen first... And I think the new layout it super busy, not nearly as self-evident/everything in one place as before. But, of course, I'm sure I'll get used to it just the way we did with the old "new" version! And there are lots of nice features, I admit, like descriptions of the puzzle and being able to attribute it to a source. But we could always do that before, in a comment, instead of having to enter info in two other boxes... Sorry--when I first saw it, I was just overwhelmed, and I can only stomach a few minutes of it at a time....


Most of the links at the bottom of the page are also at the top, under one of the categories in the blue bar.


I'm going to play around with the new jigidi for a couple of days to try and get used to it. You can find puzzles by your 'Favorites' by clicking on Puzzles at the top of the page under the Jigidi logo. Also, if you go to your profile page, you can choose the clock timer. Yes, it's back.


Thanks, Denise and whatnauts! So far, I hate the new look with a passion! I think it's much less streamlined, with odd bits and bobs of info stuck all around the puzzle--which to me looks like it's going to turn into a you-tube video; "favorites" are no longer up with the rest of the filters (size and category) but down at the bottom; I hate the red star; the "how to" guide we kept begging them for is useless and incoherent and nothing like it should be; and, oh, I'd better stop now, sorry.....! And, if you check the guidelines, they say that provocative, political, religious, etc. puzzles "should never" be marked as possibly offensive, when they clearly mean the opposite--I wrote to Stefan about that.

Sorry for the tirade! And thanks for liking this! :-)))


This looks great PD. I see you haven't lost your touch for finding new ideas for puzzles!!


Bookmarked and I know I'm going to love it. How do you like the "new" jigidi layout Pat. I quite like the new look. Much more streamlined.


Oh, I LOVE that interpretation, siouxzn! LOL!!!!!! How absolutely perfect! Thank you so much--and I'm glad I decided to keep my fees reasonable...! :-)))


Thats run in circles, try not to cross the wrong lines, and become loony as a result of the effort! Thanks pd, you remain my favorite therapist. :-)