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My pleasure, Suzy> We had one before this one that I had made using birch,
an old copy motor and a purchased base heater Sadly, it was destroyed in
our basement sewer backup in 2010.
Barb: They do look almost like a real flame. I like the technology.
Thank you both for stopping by and commenting.


It's very nice, I really like it. Thanks, Floyd :)


They are nice not only to look at, but as a little added heat source on a cold winter's eve.
Thank you, Floyd.


Willy: This one in part of a TV stand.
Ardy: Our first school had a floor register and a coal fired furnace.
Beekay: Some are very close to the real thing.
This one is used very little.
Thank you all for stopping by and your welcome comments


There is something magical in watching a fire burn. These imitations are quite nice and produce a nice source of heat too.


Just looking at the fire makes one feel warm even when it is not real. Thanks, Floyd.

The house where I grew up had a forced air coal furnace with floor registers in every room. During cold weather when one would come in from outside we would go stand on a register to warm up quickly. After a change in the kind of furnace the registers were not longer needed and the space filled with floor boards. Even so when we came in from the cold many times automatically we would go stant where a register used to be. LOL


I like these, as long as they are on the floor and not somewhere on a wall.

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