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My Confederate Rose - 9AM

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I agree about the masks. I also have the clear plastic face shields. I really like them. I have some breathing problems, so they do better for me. I stayed home for over 6 months, only Dr appt and food. Our bingo group closed down for 5 months. There are only about 20-25 of us back to playing. We had 50-60+ before. I am as careful as I can be. Take care. Hugs.

YOU DID WELL, SUE. We should all be so lucky. We live in a state where masks are mandatory. That is a good thing. Our numbers are declining and we are still at the stay at home rule, but more and more people are going out. I'm not as I am 78 now and I just don't want to go anywhere. Besides, if we get pulled over by the police and we are way away from our homes, we can be cited. I don't know what the fine is. But I just don't want to get sick. I don't know what the deal is about masks. For crying out loud ... just put the damn thing on and quite bit@#$@ about it.
If you can't or don't care about yourself...then think about us out here.
Now Sue, that tirant was not directed at you.
Your the best. I won't go to anyplace where there are gatherings as it has been proven to not be safe. I may have a mask on but rest assured that there are at least 5 who don't have one on. With this virus being proven to be asematic (sp) I'm not willing to take a chance. No social event is worth it. Besides I have no family or friends to take or help me out so I'm literally on my own.
BE safe...your one terrific lady.


PUT, not pup. I HATE AUTOCORRECT!! Also: wearing A MASK mandatory !! I glanced at my words, but proofreading my own work is tricky.


Hi, Jerri. Yes, it's been awile. Doing okay so far in this hotbed state with our idiot governor. He refused to make wearing mandatory. But, we remain a quirky bunch. I pup my mask on when I get out of the car. Wednesdays are my long, busy days. Lots of errands, Lowe's, bank, gas, Walgreen's, bingo for about 5 hours (including lunch there at the Moose Lodge), then finally Publix grocery store and home. Most other days I am safe at home. Need to order my Thanksgiving dinner at the deli. I did have a problem with Jigidi this afternoon, but emailed Magnus and he promptly found it and fixed it. Love him when he does that. Stay safe, be well. Hugs, my friend.


Hi, Mo. No idea how I missed your message. So sorry, my friend. Hugs

Wow, Sue, that is quite some story of the Confederate Rose. I had not heard that before and want to thank you for sharing it. That is interesting. I also have not seen you around forevvvvver.!! how have you been. I do hope all is well with you
All is ok on the west coast. Thank heavens for JIGIDI or I'd really be more nutty than I am naturally.
Take care (are we tired of hearing that phrase yet...?) Have a nice day...mate as they say down under.
LOL>>> :-))) !!


Ok, now I see the answer to my question of where you got it on the pink picture of it. Wow, it's lasted a long time!


Yes, Robin. One year for my birthday, my Mom gave me a cutting she had started for me. The card said, "To my Southern daughter from her Yankee Mom.". She was from NY. She always said my Dad got here down South as quick as he could , but she'd always be a "da** Yankee". HAHAHA. He was from Georgia.


Such a sad story for such a pretty flower. Thanks. :)


The Legend of the Confederate Rose

Once the Confederate Rose was pure white. During the Civil War, a soldier was fatally wounded in battle. He fell upon the rose as he lay dying. During the course of the two days he took to die, he bled more and more on the flower, till at last bloom was covered with his blood. When he died, the flower died with him. Thereafter, the Confederate Rose (or Cotton Rose), opens white, and over the course of the two days the bloom lasts, they turn gradually from white to pink to almost red, when the flower finally falls from the bush.

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