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Fur Hat

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This was a fur hat on the closet shelf that our darling little 2-year old cat decided to have fun with one day while we were gone.
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  1. Isobel20054:29
  2. crazyhorse24:54
  3. Elmar5:17
  4. mare44565:45
  5. jimbos5:48
  6. quiltfast7:11
  7. Plumpossum12:29


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LOL! She did a good job of keeping this animal contained in the closet! hahahaha


Donna, that hat was once an animal and how could any upstanding cat resist it invading your closet?!


That was a beautiful, expensive fur hat! If you notice the past tense -was- LOL LOL


Oh that is not the cat having a bad hair day? LOL


@hum1 There was nothing left that resembled a hat when she was done! How she didn't knock it on the floor is beside me! Gotta love um! :-)))) dj


I Gotta admit, it's a pretty well done job!☺

Always, best of luck...Sherry :)))


sbwidler It does get better. When we adopted Misty she was about 1-1/2 years old. You have to get through the terrible two's/threes, and then they begin to mellow (most of the time). haha It is fun to get home and try and figure out what she has got into this time. I do a quick scan of all the rooms. If I don't find anything, I start checking her to make sure she is feeling okay. (The poor cat is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't!) hahaha dj

How old was she when you got her...if super young, I've been told sometimes they are taken too early from their mothers before they learn certain manners...Molly has seemed super skittish for a while, but now since January has calmed down because I'm so constant about almost everything...old, don't go out much...she sleeps with/on me at night...she lived with multiple cats before me and has a bite out of one ear...definitely I would not have given this one away...she understands a lot of words, obeys subtle commands...definitely smart, and only sometimes annoying...but and please forgive me...I don't know how much damage I could have handled...I'm older and not well sometimes, so having to constantly clean up garbage would be very hard on me and our relationship...just not used to it after nearly 2 decades with the older two (from kittens)... hope it continues to get better... Sherry :)))


FOR ME!!!!!!! No, she is a little older and has got somewhat better. All I do is shake my head and laugh. She is super stubborn!

Valium, maybe? ... not sure if for you or the cat... Sherry :(((

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