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  1. GiddyupHoss5:50
  2. GogolocO6:14
  3. Lmwright6:19
  4. exploderator6:45
  5. Cyrus7:05
  6. jerky7:42
  7. bdbray617:55
  8. jimbob778:18
  9. wildoak8:19
  10. Igelnasen8:46


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Hi Lois, great plans, that sounds wonderful! I hope that you can do that, especially if you have family out there. Thank you for your prayers, he is Ok, but he will never be the same after that car accident, but he is with us. Hugs to you too dear Lois, my friend. ❤️


Hi luly, I know there used to be a train ride you could take cross country. That would be a great vacation. I`ll have to check on that. Right now I`m planning on Vegas in Oct. to Nov. Not sure of the dates yet. Can`t wait to see family out there. Hows your Hubby doing? Still in my prayers :-) **HUGS** Lois


Thank you antlerlady, I'm so glad you enjoyed this puzzle and picture, my pleasure! :-)


Yes, blurple, I also think that this picture is very beautiful! Thank you for completing the puzzle. :-)


Hi Patsy, thank you for writing, I wish I knew where this picture was taken, but sorry, I don't. ☺


Nicely done. Thanks, luly.

Beautiful picture...

Is that in Alaska?

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