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A blue boat

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A blue boat in a Maine harbor . .
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  1. ekopug10:05
  2. Robbos0:05
  3. JillianB0:06
  4. Anonymos20210:07
  5. racoonstar0:08
  6. RetiredOkie0:08
  7. Googly0:09
  8. era40:09
  9. Biscuit740:09
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Lovely reflections and theme. Thanks.


Thanks for the friendly chat, @Teagardener and good evening to you, too. The Olympic National Park on the Peninsula is beautiful, especially in the spring when all the native Dogwood and Rhododendrons are in bloom. Good choice!


@Sharimarie, it was Olympic National Park and the Olympic Game Farm where we visited . . a great trip! I’ve enjoyed chatting with you, take care and have a nice evening! -Tea


. . That’s fascinating! I’ve only traveled to Washington once, back in 2019, loved being there !! It’s a different scenery than in Tennessee :) I’m interested in Lake Chelan . . a boat campground, that sounds like fun, never heard of one before :)


Hi @Teagardener Yes, I have worked several boat puzzles and have many in my Bookmarks waiting for me to enjoy. We sailed (and still motorboat) on Lake Chelan. It is a large 50 mile long fjord-like lake in Washington State that was carved by glaciers. It is one of the deepest lakes in the world, 1500 feet at its deepest. The head of the Lake, Stehekin, can only be reached by boat, plane or hiking in. In fact the whole upper half (25 miles) of the lake that stretches into the North Cascades National Park & Wilderness can only be accessed by a long forest hike, a boat or a float plane. There are many boat-only campgrounds along the lake maintained by Forest Service and National Parks.


Ahh @Sharimarie, that sounds so pleasant :) Every once in a while I look in the category of Boats, there are some great canoes, rowboats and sailboat puzzles to work! Where did you sail your boat, a large lake or the coastline?


This little sailboat would be fun. I would love to see inside the cuddy. It makes me nostalgic. We owned a blue & white sailboat for years, a MacGregor Venture 21. A very sweet, forgiving sailboat. Age & ease of use had us switching to a motorboat a few years ago and while I appreciate the ease of getting on the water and speed getting where we are going (25-50 miles up lake) I still miss the sailboat, whispering through the waves with her lines singing.


Kathie, it’s hard to decide . . which I’d buy (if I had the money), a blue or red boat :) Yeah, a blue boat has such a serene connection to the color of the water !


Yeah, not bad at all Rob :))


The little blue & white yacht looks out of place mooring next to the pleasure craft.

No bad for a old guy with carpel tunnel issues in both wrists.


Hello Jill, how are you? Glad you like the boat and thank you for solving the puzzle :)


Such a gorgeous picture, thanks Tea


Wow, @Robbos, you and @racconstar are amazing with your LB times !! I wanna be just like you when I grow up :)


Yes. Yes I did. :D


@racoonstar, did you really do this one in only 8 seconds? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time that low on a LB :))


Hello @dbnc2, I’m glad you like the puzzle and thank you for working it :) Have a good day !


i love this puzzle
thanks 4 sharing


@Sharimarie, RED BOATS are the best! They’re cheerful :) I’m glad you worked the puzzle, thank you!


I love this. Our boat is red, but you can't beat the blue-boat-on-blue-water beauty of this picture. Thanks for the fun solve!

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