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Neon Pick-Up Sticks!

42 pieces
185 solves
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Thanks so much, PJ!!!

Kirsten - Well, this is a ball! - At least so far!

Rebecca - YES I did that as a kid and then did it with my first graders when I taught school!


Yes, jcarroll, when I made puzzles of my crochet squares, I found that diagonal lines were the hardest, even when it was an item I made myself! So embarrassing when you make an item, or, like afghan squares, 30 or more of the same pattern, but then don't even make the top ten list when doing it as a puzzle! LOL


In addition to playing pick-up sticks, which were probably good training for future piano lessons and crafts of all sorts, this picture reminds me of something we used to do: with crayons, cover a page with random shapes and random colors. Then, cover the entire page with the black crayon; then with scissors point or coin, scratch off the black in any scene or figure - a "rainbow line" shows through from the colors beneath. Did anyone else do this? It was the only time we ever used our black crayons.


I'm lovin' the images you are making from that Neon Abstract puzzle, Jan!! They are all so different, but as beautiful as the original. The iridescence is amazing, and I love the sun beam effect in this one. It's glowing in its own magnificence!!! Thanks so much, oh clever artistic one!!


Goodness. Jan - great and wonderful. Love the design and the shining colors.


You are so very welcome, Mandy! Glad you liked it!!


Woo hoo - that is neon!! Love the brightness, thanks Jan :~)


Thanks so much, Judy! I love it when people tell you WHAT they like about a puzzle. I find that very interesting. Thank you for making such a nice comment, too!


Jan, it is a beautiful puzzle, and I truly enjoyed solving it. I love the vibrant lines eminating from the center atop the beautiful design. It's nice and glimmery and has energy. Thanks for a great morning solve!

Ardy, thanks for the great memory. I grew up in a large school,so the number of students seems small. I also taught and think it would have been fun being their teacher! I bet you were the best to them. God bless you both!


JC - I thought it might be, so I lowered the puzzle piece number from what I'd planned. Sorry! :)

Ardy - I'm glad you had good memories, as well as enjoyment from the puzzle! :D

Thanks so both of you!!


Love this Jan. When I taught in Rochester, NY my second year out of college I had six students in grades 9 and 10. We had record snowfall that year but didn't lose any school days. But lunch break was definitely indoors. We made use of a ping pong table but also pick up sticks. One day we got so involved in the game we went a whole hour past lunch time. None of us ever told on us though. Love this puzzle. It's so bright and happy and exciting. Thank you.


Harder than it looks!