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Ringmaker shop sign Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen - Please see comment

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She's a real treasure, Gail. I think part of it comes from being a teacher and part from doing so much reading. I really appreciated her help with these. Thanks Gail. Glad you enjoyed it.


I like Hanne's explanation of this. Thank you for a fun puzzle.


I make them small because so many of us like to do lots of different puzzles. Thanks, Barb for playing with these.


I'm with Dagmar for doing the smaller puzzles ... it means I can do the next 2 while I'm waiting for my laundry to finish the wash cycle. :-)


I'm glad, Dagmar, that you are enjoying these. Thanks for your explanation. Have a great day.


Ardy I don't mind doing small puzzles at all, if your puzzles were big I only would be able to do one of them, but I really enjoy to see all of your handicraft. Some of the puzzles I do because I like putting colours and patterns together and I do them for the enjoyment of seeing them grow, just like when I did embroidery myself, then I like them to be bigger so that they will last. On other puzzles like yours or Hanne's photographs I want to see, admire and learn about places, about things you like or about moments in your life and one is just as important than the other and I like one as much as the other. :)) If you would post more and bigger puzzles I would have to choose, but as it is now I can enjoy them all and I do. :))


Thanks Dagmar, especially since you don't like small puzzles. You are very wel;come.


Nova, who knows? I found them so interesting. Thank you.


Another lovely puzzle and story Ardy, thanks a lot. :))


Very interesting; bet his mother, wife, sister or aunt worked this lovely sign for him. Thanks, Ardy.


Hanne, I'm so glad you approve of the way I'm using your stories. I typed them all into "Word" so I could catch any typos or awkward phrasing. So now I just have to copy and paste. Basically I didn't change a thing. It's most exactly as you wrote it. You tell the best stories. Thank you again.


Oh, this is just SO wonderful, Ardy!! I love the way you present the embroideries and the stories to go with them!! SO GOOD that we met and that you bring it on!! We all love good stories and fine pictures, don't we? Thanks so very much!


Jan, I had responded to your comment before replying to Ank's, In the process of refreshing the page to reply to her I must have forgotten to post it. I do appreciate you coming by and adding another lovely star to the board. Thank you. I would appreciate and love it even if you didn't add a star to the board More stories to come.


Kirsten, You are up early. And my board is really starry thanks to my Jigidi friends. I got bumped off hours ago. I first met Hanne through Dagmar and when I found out she is from Denmark and was a teacher I got rather excited as I had been told that these phrases were from songs and./or children's stories.
So delighted to have you on my board. Thank YOU. Have a great day hugs ((HUGS))


Thanks Josie. So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming by and staying to comment. Thanks for the hugs. Here come some for you Hugs.


Lovely needlework AND story, Ardy. What amazing serendipity it was, that bought you, Hanne and Jigidi together, to give you the opportunity to share your work in such a meaningful way. And look at your twinkling board!! :)))


Pat. I'm so delighted to see you here. Are you feeling any better? Thank you for visiting me.


What a wonderful story, Ardy! Thanks for sharing it--and the sign--with us!


Thank you for the translation, I just really like seeing your art work. Hugs.


Thanks, Ank. I love Hanne's stories too.


Beautiful Ardy, love the story.


What a great story for this beautiful piece of art! thanks so much, Ardy!!


Wow Pat, you are really fast. Thanks for coming by and enjoying the puzzle.


Very interesting. Love the puzzle thanks Ardy


You are welcome, Mazda. I see you also put up a good time. Thank you.

Thanks for posting this...interesting indeed.


Translation: And so I would ask you - my good master Wiig (his name) - to make me a golden ring.
Explanation from Hanne9 aka Elfie: The words going with the ring maker is a sweet story about a man taking leave of his beloved Grethe. In English you might say Farewell, so do we in Danish, but the word has two meanings: if you have one word it means "goodbye" if you say it in two words "fare well" (far vel) it means have a good trip. A man, Ole, goes to the ring maker and asks him to write on it: "Fare well, fare well, little Grethe". But the ring maker hears it the other way and makes a ring with "Goodbye, goodbye, little Grethe." Ole protests against it and after all the ring maker finds out what he should have written. I guess he changes his writing, but the song doesn't mention it.

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