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Jigidi is mysteriously flipping some of my images upside-down 🤦‍♀️ I gave up trying to rotate this puzzle. Enjoy.
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  1. Ianto0:28
  2. hippo0:33
  3. Nachtwacht0:33
  4. mariola0:37
  5. JM_Cookie0:40
  6. nanab0:43
  7. jen70:47
  8. Sylly0:48
  9. Juba10100:50
  10. Ms_Maddy0:50


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Hahaha - LOVE your closing thoughts @hermitish.

This is simply a matter of perspective. If a clock had a face on both sides, it would appear to be running clockwise and counter-clockwise at the same time depending on the position of the observer. Similarly, if the earth were transparent, the sky in the southern hemisphere would appear to be down to an observer in the northern hemisphere and vice versa. But if the earth were transparent, birds would be crashing into the ground resulting in a big mess. Obviously, jigidi is trying to "see" this image from both perspectives at the same time and has gotten all confused and dizzy...uh oh. My stalkers are approaching. They wear white coats and have a big net. I must hide.


Upside down for me. Darn skippy.


It's fine when solved, cute roo family! Thanks Ms Maddy.


I am not sure what is wrong with this picture.


Roo's -a-romping.


It flipped for me too.


rright side

thanks for sharing


It really is a puzzle.


I just worked it, and the finished puzzle is upside-down, with sky at the top.

Australia is even weirder than I thought...


I uploaded a scenery image to my sundazedstrayz profile tonight, and it was the right way up.


😮 that is very strange.


I just worked it, and the finished puzzle is right-side up... pretty odd.

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