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TILE 1155 (smaller version available-see comments box)

81 pieces
48 solves
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Thank you Jiggy . . . :D)


Beautiful! love the depth of the images! Thanks, Trouble!


Thank you Ardy for your wonderful comments . . . :D)
I have used that border before but admittedly not for some time. To tell the truth I think I overused it for a while and had to make a conscious effort to stop . . . lol. I thought enough time had passed to dust the cobwebs off and re-introduce it.

Yes, I do drink herbal tisanes . . . my favourite one was discontinued several years ago . . . it was rhubarb based . . . grrr. I didn't have to give up tea or coffee . . . I chose to as I lost the taste. The tannin smell of tea actually made me feel nauseous . . . yuk!
I had to smile at your 2 eggs and a slice of bread . . . guess what I had for my tea last night . . . 2 eggs (scrambled) on a slice of toast . . . :D)

Thank you for mentioning your hectic schedule . . . I had assumed that this would be the case. Take care and don't overdo things . . . keep your eye on that blood pressure . . . :D)


Four gorgeous creations tonight, Su. Love the rainbow colors here. 1154 has wild cats around the edge and a new type of border - at least I don't remember you using it before. 1155 of course is "my" pink and so beautiful. and finally 1152. When I opened it all i said was a breathless "Gorgeous" in blue and purple with a touch of pink. Thank you. You outdid yourself with beautiful ones tonight.

I was a little late getting home. Had bell rehearsal after school and then headed for the grocery to supplement the two eggs and one slice of bread left in the frig. Found a new herbal tea - gingerbread spice. It smells delicious and tastes good too. I know you said you had to stop using coffee or tea but can you drink the herbal teas?

My schedule for the rest of this week and next will be upset by program and rehearsals up through Dec. 22. Don't be concerned if I don't get back to your puzzles until later. It's just that time of year!! Night night (((HUGS)))


A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on