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Golden horse

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  1. silke4:16
  2. KatrinBehrends4:24
  3. Thowra5:06
  4. anan5:13
  5. Gible5:23
  6. Ruthruth5:59
  7. alh6:14
  8. etm426:23
  9. lydiatwo6:23
  10. ulangariver6:23


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I like the horses with wings and horns also. And big horses and small horses! I used to ride a lot in my younger days, but I was never a good passenger on the poor horse's back. I would bounce up and the horse would be down. Then the opposite. Never learned to ride without hanging on to the saddle horn. I did a little bit better riding bare back. Nice soft back to go up and down on. Worse time I ever had, was when I got bucked off. Just like in the rodeo. I was galloping down the side of a canal and a tractor way out in the field backfired. My horse went nutso. she kept bucking closer and closer to the canal, so I loosened my stirrups and three myself off. Wheeennnn I came to, there was no sign of the horse, not even the dust. So I started walking and found her at a pony ranch. She let me ride her home and I missed three days of work from a headache. I rode her many more times. But never got any better. This was 60 years ago and I have neverforgotten it. Maybe I should have been riding the ponies!


@ carolrobinson Carol, I have loads, and will attempt to post some more. I love the horses, too!

What a beautiful horse picture. I wish there were more recent horse pictures without people in them.


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