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Abergavenny Castle curtain wall interior

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Abergavenny Castle curtain wall interior'

Interior of the surviving curtain wall and four storey tower looking west from inside the castle grounds.

The Abergavenny museum is set in the grounds of the now ruined castle, and it has been a Grade I listed building since 1952.

If I was to write this in Welsh it would be like this:

Castell y Fenni llen tu mewn i wal '
Tu mewn i'r llenfur sydd wedi goroesi a'r pedwar llawr Tŵr edrych y gorllewin o'r tu mewn y seiliau Castell.
Nodir yr amgueddfa y Fenni yn seiliau'r awr murddun y Castell, a bu'n rhestredig adeilad ers 1952 gradd.

Grëwyd gan cilycoed Cyhoeddwyd gynnau
Delwedd Hawlfraint: © Hawlfraint Jeremy Bolwell a'u trwyddedu i'w ailddefnyddio o dan y drwydded tir comin creadigol
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You could be right Luni!


Phyllis that's a one kilometer long name! Lol!


Hi Nev, glad you liked the puzzles. No results back yet, and Len is becoming more anxious. I think he will be ok, but he doesn't.

I just read that there is a place in Thailand which has the longest place name word, Nev. However to answer your question, there is no railway station with that name in NZ.

Ah! the language of Wales, to be sure. Yes it is a hard language to learn. I speak a few words, things my mam used to say to us. I know the Welsh anthem and a few of the old welsh hymns. Sometimes I can pick out a word or two and if I'm lucky get the gist of what's being said or written. Gwynfor Evans was one of the first 'Plaid Cymru' members of parliament for wales. He wrote a book titled 'The Land of My Father's' in which he says that Welsh will be the language in heaven. I don't know about that at all, but I love to listen to anything in Welsh.

Blessings from NZ - Phyllis


Hi Luni, I know some words and recognise them when written, I know a little welsh, but it is a hard language really - still, I would love to be fluent in welsh - hugs

Hello Janet, yes it's a lovely language, far nicer when spoken, just thought I'd put a bit here for everyone to 'read' hugs -

S'mae Laura, LlanfairPG is the phonetic pronunciation of the shortened version of that place name, Laura. We always called it Llanty-siliogogogoc. I can understand your pastor's reaction :-)

The longest word in the world I've been told] is a NZ place name see if you can get your tongue around this one: -

There used to be a song about it often on the wireless, so we got used to hearing it spoken. Language is a funny thing isn't it! -hugs

Thank you ladies hugs to you all - Phyllis


Yes, I love your Welsh! My pastor in Dundee was from Wales. He used to say that long name of a Welsh town....Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoc.

I used to spell Mississippi for him. Somehow, he was NOT impressed! Hahahahaha!


What a fabulous place Phyllis. Memories here for you?? I like your Welsh too. Thanks and hugs, Janet


Do you know how to speak and write it?

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