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Compound of Twelve Cubes

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There are and infinite way of putting twelve cubes together, even with the same symmetry as this one here. What is special with this one is that it can be divided into four separate classical compounds of three cubes. Each of these are given their own colour in this model. Concentrate e.g. on the three cubes that are light green.
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Thanks again!!


an emerald jewel....just lovely....beautifully amaze me!!


Thank you, Taisia!


Fantastic thing, marcelteun!


Thanks. No, I won't have anything published, since it will be much of an article to write. What I did instead was that I put together a web page with all the compounds and some footnotes that state which special positions I found myself:

The book mentions the angles for the special positions as numerical values. Another thing I added was that I calculated analytic expressions for these angles.


Congratulations, your design is quite an accomplishment then. Will you have it published?


Thanks, BK. I understand what you mean, but I'm more proud of this one, since I found this one myself, while the other was mentioned as special position in a book (which was supposed the mention all of them)


This design is much different than your other "Compound of Twelve Cubes". This one looks more complex but I like the other a bit more. I think because of the cross design it forms.
Thanks for sharing your work.

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