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This is Riki, our beloved boy cat, who spends most of his time as close to me as possible. Right now, he's curled up on a cushion underneath my desk.

This photo was taken back when he was healthy; sadly, he was recently diagnosed with an inoperable tumour behind one eye and the vet says that there's nothing we can do for him apart from keep him as comfortable as possible.

He's a lovely cat - very affectionate and enjoys being picked up and cuddled.
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  3. GrandmaJo12:11
  4. chita102314:01
  5. inge12316:56
  6. Pussle17:00
  7. kakabuckets18:40
  8. camaya20:16
  9. gilfor20:16
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Thank you Gilfor! Since this photo-puzzle was posted, Riki needed to have an op to remove the affected eye and ease the pain and pressure in his head. Unfortunately, the operation scar has never fully healed (no fault of the vet, the tumour did something we didn't predict) and he doesn't have long left now. He has, however, had love and care by the truckload!

Even now, he has a good appetite and loves having his chin and belly gently rubbed!

So sorry about Riki. You can only give him the best care possibly.


Yes, I'm from the UK. I don't know what they call these places in other parts of the world, I'm afraid.

Do you live somewhere where you are unable to have a cat?


Vet surgery.... UK?

If I was there I would give him lots of loving, too. I am a cat person, but have not a single one.


Thanks Davie!

He is a lovely cat! The girl vet at our local surgery adores him and always gives him a big fuss and a chin-rub.


What a sweetie!


JONUT and gilfor, thank you both very much for your comments. His fur is very thick, silky and smooth and does feel wonderful to stroke.

We do our best to avoid tripping over him!

Gilfor, unfortunately this picture was taken a while back, before the tumour was diagnosed, and one of his eyes has now almost completely closed up. Riki went through many vet's visits and tests before they finally discovered the real cause of his eye inflammation.

I thank you very much Pussle for this wonderful picture of Riki. The thick black hair looks soft and beautiful and I'd love to run my fingers through it. It's nice that he likes to be close to you so please take care and watch your step when standing or walking.

He is beautiful to look at. I feel so bad about that tumor. Take lots of pictures now. It's better to remember them before they got sick. At least, I think so.


Thank you very much, Camaya. I wish we'd had longer with him before he became so ill - we adopted him from a rescue centre three and a half years ago, and he's been a source of great joy to me.

Riki is so beautiful! I'm sure he has given you many memories. I will pray for him and you. Thanks for letting me see what a treasure you have.

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