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Swirls and bubbles

81 pieces
207 solves
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Ooh, I like the stylized tigers, Ardy. You come up with great interpretations with that wonderful imagination. I don't know how Kirsten does it either, she was a whole minute faster than me.
Hope you have a good day too. :-)


This could be stylized tigers or an illustration of the North Wind blowing. Or maybe swirls and bubbles. Whatever - it's a delightful puzzle, Barb, and I had a good time solving it. Thank you. Have a good day. Stay warm. Kirsten was 2 minutes and 3 seconds faster than me. How does she do it?


Thanks, Kirsten. Glad you liked the colours and textures in this one. :-) And I still have no idea if you have a favourite colour?/ LOL


Oooh, lovely textures in this one Barb! And your trademark gorgeous colours too. Thanks very much. :)))