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Sunset at our Favorite Restaurant in Jamaica!

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The travelogue continues.....


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Diane - that is so funny. We had that planned to do and booked. Then, my father had an emergency heart procedure back in the states and we waited near the resort to find out what was going on. Next time we go, we will be sure to do it. (Dad's ok) But, with your recommendation, it sounds like a must do. Thanks.


When you were in Jamaica did you go on the Martha Brae Rafting trip? Our favorite side trip on 5 cruises-so relaxing and fun. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


Jan - we would go back in a heartbeat. Just have to get a bit more of that necessity......greenbacks!

Hester - Now I'm really feeling bad about having to leave. It WAS wonderful! Thank you!!


Aah, the murmuration of the waves, the scent of grilled lobster, the romance of it doesn't get any better than that! ;-))


So romantic Jan, I know you had a good time there. Are you going back to Jamaica?


Ardy - My condo faces east. So, I get glorious sunrises over a city instead. But, my favorite sky is a sunset over water! So serene and so lovely! Sunsets at the beach can be incredibly lovely, too.


Beautiful, Jan. So glad you are sharing. Thank you. I find it hard to think that you don't get great sunsets on the west coast. Or is it just the position of your condo?


Chickie - I have none here in the states. So, I just snapped away while I was gone! Thank you!

JC - that night was lobster night, so you bet it was!!!


Fantastic, Jan! Great food and a Show!


You are getting some great sunsets JiggyBelleS!