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World Poetry Day is a time to appreciate and support poets and poetry around the world. It is held on March 21 each year and is an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which recognized the important role of poetry in the arts and in cultures throughout the world. It also wanted the day to promote the efforts of small publishers with regard to publishing poetry.

Many people around the world celebrate World Poetry Day. Government agencies, educators, community groups and individuals get involved in promoting or participating in the day. World Poetry Day is an opportunity for children to be introduced to poetry in classrooms. It is a time when classrooms are busy with lessons related to poetry, in which students examine poets and learn about different types of poetry.

The first World Poetry Day was held on March 21, 2000.


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Thanks Wendy, Vince will be so pleased to know how much you've enjoyed his poem!!

Thanks Pat, I'm glad you enjoyed it :~)


Love this one thanks Mandy...


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mandy! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this poem. It so fits with what you've told me about him. :-)


LOL - I noticed Francine... not to worry, I knew what you meant!!


Tee-hee! Typo. 'This' became 'did' -- actually, that's more than a typo!


Thanks Hester - I so pleased you enjoyed the poem - I hope your BB enjoyed it equally!! I've shown Vince all the comments, and he's delighted :~))

LOL - Magda - I know how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband!! However, he understands the importance of spending time with friends and has his own way of "playing" using his computer!!

Thanks Barb - I'm glad your efforts were so well appreciated, and that you enjoyed it :~))

Yes, shazzaannie - he does!! Thanks!!

Thanks Francine, from both of us :~)

Thanks Rosie - I'll pass your thanks on to Vince too - he's taking more and more interest into my Jigidi fun!!

So glad you enjoyed it PJ, I'll add your thanks to the list for Vince :~))


Wow. Mandy - this is fabulous, what a great idea. Wonderfully fun and fine poem - thanks Vince.


Absolutely incredible depiction of World Poetry Day, Mandy. You do, indeed, have a very talented wordsmith hubby and one who so graciously shared his talent with the Jigidi world. Thanks to both of you, Mandy for educating us every day with this wonderful series and Vince for being willing to share his talent and his wife with all of us here. Rosie


Did is great! Thanks Vince & Mandy. (:23)

How wonderful that your hubby gave his time and talent to write this for us. He must love you very much.


Fabulous, Mandy, and sensational, Vince. Thank you both for a wonderful puzzle. Can't think of a nicer way to celebrate World Poetry Day than the one you both came up with. And I love the image in the background. Thanks for the fun, the laughter and the history lesson! :-)


Wow Mandy, you are lucky to have such a talented husband and one with humor too. Actually I am surprised that you have a husband at all, seeing, that you spend so much time for us. Thanks so much, to your husband too.


I'm hooting with laughter here and shall be showing this to my Best Beloved! Superb work, Vince!
I always loved Roger McGogh's poetry. He was one of the Liverpool poets and was in The Scaffold group. He can make you laugh and cry in the same breath. Thanks Mandy, :-)


Thanks tizme999 - it's lovely to "meet" you for the first time. I know I have an extremely talented husband - he knows it too!!! LOL!


I did not know it was poetry day. Not good at writing it, but love to read it. Vince did a wonderful job explaining relationship of most great marriages. That humerous attitude of getting even is also called "Saving Stamps" or sometimes called "PMS" LOL Thanks, enjoyed very much, Vince has real talent.


Thanks Advia - it's nice to "see" you today, and I'm so pleased you enjoyed Vince's poem - I know he'll want to know how many solves he got when I see him later!

Wow - Michelle - you've really got into the spirit of the day, I love your poem too, thanks so much :~))

Thanks so much for the hugs Hanne - what's the saying... "If you can't beat them, join them!!" I thinnk he's on the way, although he won't ever solve puzzles, he getting more involved in my creating processes!!

Thanks Lucy - your hug was lovely, and I'll pass another to Vince :~))

Well actually Edie, he had a couple of hours warning!! But it took longer to play with background image to ensure you would still be able to read the text than it took him to write the poem... and then he helped with layout etc. This image really was far more his work than mine in every sense.

Thanks Katie, I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it so much :~))


Thanks roadworn - he really did go to town - and can write any kind of poem in minutes - he's very gifted as a wordsmith :~)


This is just FANTASTIC Mandy and Vince! Thanks for such an interesting and entertaining Who Knew!!!


Bravo Vince. Very impressive. I hope you had plenty of warning to come up with this. It's very good. Thank you for humouring your lovely wife who give us countless hours of pleasure and laughs here on Jigidi and thank you Mandy for sharing this precious funny poem with us.


what a dear man for the lovely poem. hugs to you and him


Give him a big hug, Mandy, and here's one for you too!! Hug!! Thanks so very much! Actually, he's right, it must be hard sometimes to be a jigidi husband!!


Spring has sprung World Poetry Day
of this we know, through Mandy.
With a poem from Vince to show the way
that meter can be handy!


Thanks to Vince for showing his creativity to us and thanks to you dear Mandy for posting great puzzles every day :-)


Your husband went to town with this. Lucky you to have such a helpful and humorous husband.


Thank Ardy - I'll pass on your appreciation to Vince, he'll be pleased.


Problem solved. You depicted it very well. Thanks for the puzzle and the good information and thank Vince for the poem which gave me a good chuckle this morning.


Thanks whatnauts - he really went to town with the poem after I asked him to write one, and then became very interested in the background too - so although I clicked the mouse, the ideas are all his on this one - I was a bit stumped on how to portray World Poetry Day on a puzzle!!!


Wowser, that's some poem! Thanks, monza, for all the work you do with this series and thanks to your hubby in helping out with this puzzle.