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First port of call on our cruise - Airlie Beach..

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Chris & I are back from our 7-day Navy Reunion cruise up the Queensland coast, and this was our first stop.
We were woken at 6.15a.m. by the lowering of 2 tenders/lifeboats four decks below our balcony!! They - along with two huge catamarans - were used to ferry people ashore for excursions! We'd already holidayed here so stayed on board and had a peaceful swim without the usual crowds around the pool deck!

The Pacific Dawn was way too big to dock at all three ports we visited, so the tenders and big cats were used each time, and we moored about 1km offshore.

Airlie Beach is the main port/town for the Whitsunday Islands (74 islands) and is in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. We saw lots of whales on their yearly migration north - but when I had my camera they were too far away, and when they were up close to the ship - my camera was in the cabin!!!! That was VERY frustrating!!!
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I had no idea how it would work either Janet:))) but it was easy-peasy and the crew were really helpful. The passengers ranged across all age groups and there were quite a few handicapped passengers too with walkers, walking sticks & wheelchairs - and everyone got on fine!


Guess you could tell that I'd never been on a cruise, Rob! No doubt a lot of the people cruising are from the "older" age groups, so they would need everything easy and convenient! hugs. Janet


It was really interesting Laura - but we think we'd like a smaller ship next time with a lot less than 2,000 passengers:))) But we did enjoy this first cruise!!! Thanks!!


That sounds like the trip of a lifetime!


Thanks Ank - yes, it was a shame about the whale photos!!! I'm pleased you like the photos!!

Thanks Shirley - the weather was perfect for the whole trip - not rough at all, thank goodness!! We had a great time!!

LOL!! No way Janet :))) They moved the tenders around to a door on deck 4, which was about 1 metre above the waterline - and it was just a normal gang plank walk across from the ship :))) No one had to climb ladders:))))

It was great seeing the whales Florrie - everyone OOHH-ed & AAHH-ed and wanted them to stay!!!

Thanks Morris - I have a few more collages to go yet:)))

Thanks Cathy - it was really special!!!

It sure was snooker - but we didn't mind the early start!!! Thanks!!

It sure was Ami - we enjoyed the trip!! Thanks!!

Thanks Dave - we decided to stay on board at Airlie as we'd already been out to the Reef from here on a previous holiday & also been on a snorkelling trip to another island. The other 2 ports we had other things to see or do!! We've decided that we'd rather fly to a resort & spend a decent amount of time in the one spot & do our swimming & snorkelling at our own pace!!!

It sure was a fun reunion Suzy - we laughed a lot & ate way too much!!!! Next time we have a reunion is in 2016 in Tasmania - we try to have a big one every 2 years!!


Yeah! You are back!!! Looking forward to enjoying the cruise with you :) It must have been a great experience for Chris to meet up with old Navy buddies.


Good to see your return Robyn. How was snorkeling or scubaing


Neat, I hope it was chock full of interesting new adventures!

An interesting and different way to start the day. :)


Great pictures and information !! Thanks Rob. How wonderful that you saw whales!!!!!!!!


Welcome back and thanks for sharing your trip, Rob!!


Please tell me that you didn't have to climb down the ladder to get into these, or were the people already in them?? A fascinating pic, Rob, thanks and hugs, janet


Welcome back, Rob, time went so quick, I bet you think so too. looks lovely weather, clear blue skies, good idea to use the pool when there were not so many a board.


Beautiful photos Rob. I can imagine that this was great to see. Sorry about the whales, we will have to do without them. We will enjoy the other photos. Thanks for the info, it makes it more alive.


It was an unusual way to wake up Jana - but I just had to photograph it!! I'd never seen anything like that before!!! Thanks!!


Great photos and quite usual story with the camera, thank you so much Rob ☺☺☺

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