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Lauterbrunnen is a village and municipality in the canton of Bern, Interlaken, Switzerland. The village is located in Lauterbrunnental and, next to Lauterbrunnen, consists of Wengen, Mürren, Gimmelwald, Stechelberg and Isenfluh.
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  1. babray3:15
  2. jimbragg3:43
  3. blurple533:50
  4. HolleyS3:54
  5. Janestepona4:06
  6. Piskulka4:12
  7. allant4:16
  8. dieuwertjebb4:24
  9. Kat644:28
  10. jpbart5:02


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That's a wonderful story feistyfimac. I can picture it; the awe as the clouds lifted and the view was revealed. Had to have been fantastic! Thanks for sharing :-)

Will never forget having arrived the night before in Interlaken getting the train up to Lauterbrunen and sitting in the station waiting for the train up to Wengen, it was totally cloudy when all of a sudden high above the clouds opened and there were these amazing mountains and gradually the cloud disappeared, absolutely stunning. Thank you for bringing back those memories.


You're welcome clairezy. I'm happy to do it :-)

I've been through this area at least twice. It is a beautiful area. Thanks for posting and bringing back some memories.


Sure is a pretty place blurple53. I've done quite a bit of travelling on Jigidi too :-)


I'm glad you enjoyed it JimfaeScotland :-)

Looks like a lovely place. I've travelled all over the world through Jigidi. Thanks you

Great picture and enjoyable jigsaw. Thank you.

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