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Round blue things

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A how in my bucket? How could there be a how? Or is that an Oz thing? :)))
Somehow, S'mores, it's going to have to be payback time for getting that song stuck in my head - especially not long before a very long flight!!!! Grrrrrr! :)


Just be careful what rocks you turn over.... There may be someone singing....
"There's a how in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza" .... :) :)


You never know what you're going to turn up on jigidi!!! :)


Ain't it marvelous how some Jigidi minds work! Love it.


I've heard of a stream of consciousness
But I think I just fell into a stream of unconsciousness.
I love it.
And I was just going to say how beautiful the simple blue disks were with the ornate gold of the architecture.


Well of course, Rains! Oatmeal is made from whole grains!!


I just KNOW that I could have solved this more quickly if I had started my day with a big ol' bowl of Thelma's scrumptious oatmeal, LOL.

Thanks for the fun Carol dearest!!!


ACK! Snooker!!! You've taken it to a whole new level of holeness!! My head is exploding!

Pretty puzzle and a weird conversation going on. Was thinking about water going down the drain and how it rotates one way in the northern hemisphere and the other way in Oz. (Southern hemisphere). Now there is a hole in the center as it rotates too so I think we are all being sucked into a bottomless pit.


Well, that's it, I guess! Whole grains! Thanks for shedding some light into that black hole!

I don't know Aero chocolate - you'll have to introduce me to that properly!
But now you've got me thinking about whole foods. If they'd left the holes out of Cheerios we'd still be eating oatmeal. Oh! I do eat oatmeal and I don't eat Cheerios. Hmm. Well the reason why is because they're full of holes! Stop me - my brain just keeps going round and round.
Pretzels and doughnuts are hole foods, though, but they're much more satisfying. I guess it depends on what one wraps around the hole. Holey-moley! I've got to put a stopper in this!


I know what it is! You've been eating whole foods again, haven't you!

Let your brain rest, old girl. We are good for each other :-) Who else would understand our warped humours?

Then there's Aero chocolate. Absolutely stuffed cram full of holes. Less calories too :-)


I don't know if we're good for each other or not good! I think I won't think about that - that really gives the brain a workout.
I was thinking about fizzy things, too - like champagne. I don't personally like champagne, but people do. And the bubbly is nothing but bubbles - and what are the bubbles except for round areas that don't have any wine in them?
This whole thing is very odd, for sure.


Ay-ay-ay! Time for some sleep, Dear Heart! Hope you don't have holey dreams :-)

Oddly enough, I can see your point about having lots of holes on non substance to make substance. It's a bit of a worry when I start reasoning like you!


Maybe I'll go hole up and think about it - in a holistic way, of course.
O, you've got me going! There's this whole thing with the Pope. When he resigns, the seat will be vacant. So the Holy See will be a Holey See?


Well, you've got to have a whole lot of holes to start with!
But don't blame me - blame the Beatles - it's a line from one of their songs!
For some reason, dear Foxy, that reminds me of a chain link fence - sure it's a lot of heavy wire, but without it being made out of holes, it wouldn't be very resilient, would it?
And then there's Swiss cheese. You've gotta have the holes for Swiss cheese. If it weren't full of holes, it would just be cheese. Geez!
I dunno, Foxy, this whole thing about holes has filled up my brain for the night!


Mmm, how can a hole fill anything? Got me beat with this one, Sweet Spuddie :-)

Or is this The Blue Hole in space? A cousin of the renowned Black Hole? :-))


Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall...