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Another member of my. Parliament of Owls.

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88 pieces
43 solves
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Owl worked in Blackstitch with brown thread.
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  1. MNBrown5:19
  2. foxymoron5:35
  3. hxmw6:18
  4. jbachman8297:00
  5. DATEETS7:19
  6. owl27:39
  7. Kerwin7:40
  8. Applecore798:18
  9. suzanneknits8:22
  10. Fowly8:52


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Tapestry makes sense, but I wouldn't use it on any table my honey eats at! You'd think he was six years old, but no complaining, right? After all, he cooks.

Roo poo sounds like what the deer leave behind. I'm surprised they're not selling it by the bag for fertilizer over here. Americans just love to spend money on all sorts of poop! Cow poop, bat poop, horse poop, we buy it all! RooPoo for more foo! 🙄

I'd stay back from a 7 ft. bunny with a kick, for sure. Do you think it's always the same one, or do they all look alike? 🤔


The Cloth is a soft woven tapestry with a tasseled fringe all around. I love it I bought a length of heavier cloth which is similar and pulled all the threads tassel and fringed it for a larger table. Also made one for a friend.
Roo Poo is pellet form, Gail, not mucky like cows thank goodness. And the lawn has been mown and Mr. Roo didn’t call today. He is VERY big Gail, standing tall he would be about 7ft, I am no longer 5ft 4ins. One keeps ones distance.
I have already done one of bettysweet’s ladies. {{(*_*)}}


Funny girl! We didn't tell that Knock! knock! joke in the US, I wonder why?

You make it sound like kangaroos poop as much as a cow! Hope the short mowing does the trick, at least until Spring. I wish we had a mowing man! I used to do it all, then my honey retired and he does a lot more than I do. But then, it started to rain again! I mowed our pasture out front Saturday before we left town and it's already high enough to hide a bunny. I try to keep paths mowed so I can wear my flip-flops when I go out with Rita, but they keep disappearing! I will not complain about the rain!

So that beautiful cloth is your tablecloth? What is it made of? How was it made? It looks very textured. ??? 😉

Well, new puzzle time, here they come! 🥰


Good afternoon Gail, the frame IS very special, it belonged to my older sister. It is on my dining table and I take all my pictures with my iPad. I had it professionally framed and they did an excellent job. Yes I did enjoy working HER, much easier than the cross stitching, you only have to go one way.
I tired myself out raking all those calling cards off the back lawn, then I called my lovely mowing man to come and cut it short, hoping that might deter the ‘Roo.
Knock knock
Whose there
Roo who
The Kangaroo to marry you at half past two.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist that knock knock joke. 🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘
See you later with some of yours and Bettys’ ladies. Fay. {{(*_*)}}


Good morning!? Slow and steady got the job done Fay! 88 circular pieces, wheee! 😉 This is beautiful, and I know you enjoyed working it. I think the brown suits her better than black would have. (It is a she, right?) The frame is very special, does your beautiful owl justice! The carpet added to the puzzle, how on earth did you take that photo? 🥰 Gail


I have over 200 owls @MNBrown enough to house a few parliaments, LOL. This one is worked in Blackstitch, but the kit provided brown thread. I loved working it. Thank you for your comment, I hope you are safe and well, Fay. 🦉


Parliament of Owls! LOL. Love this. ♥


Hello Jimbo1941, they are fascinating birds aren’t they. Keep safe, Fay.


Very nice. My college “mascot “ was an owl, of all things. ;


Thank you dear @nanab It is the only piece I worked in this stitch, I will have to find some more. There aren’t many storeS that sell needlework in my area. I had a ball in the craft shops in America and Hawaii. (Which IS one of your states of course) Fay.


Beautiful work Fay, thank you for posting your treasures.
I did not know a group of owls was called a parliament, I love learning new things.


Thank you dear Chrissy. Definitely more tolerable. HuGs, Fay.


Neat and precise needlework, Fay. Well done!

I think a parliament of owls is more tolerable than a parliament of pollies :-)


Thank you jeanbean14. Fay.


Your "parliament" of owls, lol! Nice work!

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