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  1. like921150:26
  2. lyndee0:29
  3. karladelo0:30
  4. vskome0:31
  5. Kikinka0:31
  6. slarotonda0:35
  7. anna0:37
  8. jana123210:39
  9. A3ana0:41
  10. hadzi0:41


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Gene- I'm so very happy you think so Gene, thanks so much for your sweet comment my good friend! ':-)))))))))

Lyndee- Me too lyndee, wish we could see what he looks like as a butterfly! Have a great weekend sweety! :-DD

Adrianna- Thanks friend, I'm so glad you like this little cutie!...Big hugs for you!

Ank- Thank you Ank, it's so good to hear from you! Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend! ':-P

Anitas- Thanks so much anitas, I'm so happy you like this furry little guy! ':-DD

Rob- L.O.L. It will make me itchy? Well then, I guess I better not touch it huh? Yikes! I wonder if it bites or stings when you pick it up too! Thanks so much for commenting on it, have a fun weekend, I'm so happy it's finally here! ':-P


It looks like a Guinea Pig Monica!!! Whatever you do - don't touch it - it's sure to make you itchy!!! Nice photo though - thanks :))


Nice puzzle.


Wow Monica, beautiful


sooo beautiful


Nice puzzle. I can vision a beautiful butterfly.


Fantastic photo on this furry little fella ....see his eyes sparking...great post Monica my friend :))))

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