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Egg salad, tuna salad, and Pepper Jack cheese sandwich

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  1. Navea0:26
  2. popoko0:29
  3. Cootje600:35
  4. Ianto0:36
  5. Spyra790:37
  6. Avalanche0:38
  7. Warehouse0:40
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  10. ARCHITECT8180:43


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P.S. - At least they did not mix the two of them together. This one you can eat them individually! LOL!!!!!


Good grief...just because 'I' don't like something doesn't mean other people have to stop liking it. I'm sure there are things I like that other people don't!!! LOL You are the sweetest of sweet. Remember...not much really offends me. If it does, I will let you know. 😘


@Mischka oh no! if other people eat them, it saves the better things for me! i beg you, don't delete them! they can have my share of potato salad and baked beans also. i'll take the mac salad and the fruit salad that they'll be too full too eat. LOL, penny


@Donnajames -- I would not offend you for the world, dj! Shall I delete this? And then scour Jigidi Island for similar pics, and blast them out of existence, too?

You or @mauismom (Penny) say the word, and It Shall Be Done!



No! No! No! Do not mix eggs and tuna or the other....not both!!!!!! Yuck is my opinion only. And yes, I have had them mixed before and NOPE one bite was enough for me. LOL dj


@Mischka i've never been able to eat any form of hard boiled egg. they just give me really bad side effects. i've been told i make great deviled eggs, though.


@Watchman - Swiss is my favorite! Well, in most cases. Kerrygold Irish Baby Swiss is one of the Wonders of the Modern World.

But I'd eat this with no complaints.


I would at least try this one, minus the pepper jack cheese, I rather have Swiss Cheese


Mine too, Juba.

Penny, plenty of the Commenters at Reddit, where this was posted, complained about a sandwich containing both. To me, it's ordinary to mix eggs and tuna.


My mom put hard boiled eggs in her tuna salad. She was feeding three kids.


egg salad must go, otherwise, looks good.

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