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Food Coma

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Morgan, one of the seven Irish Wolfhound puppies in my last litter. He fell asleep in the food pan.
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  1. rrfan8:25
  2. slavka19:52
  3. Fiesta18:04
  4. Bluebonnet19:41


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@jmhoyer57 xx

I think I'm in love with wolfhounds now! xoxo JM


Oh my @Bluebonnet, I can only imagine! Seven was bad enough! The dam of this litter was one of 16! And yes, they always seem SO amazed when they get their very own bowl of food!! Airedale puppies must be adorable!


Our previous dog, an Airedale (like our current dog), was one of 14 puppies. We saw them jostling at the communal food pan when we first visited the breeder. When he came home with us and we first put out food and water for him, he went after the food as if he still had to fight for his share, then looked up at us in amazement, and I swear his eyes got big and he smiled.


@jmhoyer57, they ate from a communal bowl/pan up until they were about two months old. I think they were about five/six weeks old in this photo. I used a pan as it was big enough for all of them to feed around. When I started feeding them outside, I used a horse treat bowl. You can see it in the other photo puzzle I posted yesterday. It was hard not waking him up! It was also very hard letting puppies go to their new homes. Fortunately, I had another two months until that happened. Wolfhound puppies don't usually leave until they are three months old.

Oh, RJ! That is one Large puppy lol! Morgan is So endearing asleep there in the food pan(I questioned why you didn't use the word "bowl" in your comment but now I see that a wolfhound's bowl is a cake pan lol!). I'll bet you wanted to snatch him up and kiss him to pieces. I know that I would! Thanks for responding to my call for a picture. VERY CUTE! xoxo JM


@Bluebonnet, indeed! It's hard growing so fast!


Being a puppy is hard work!


@jmhoyer57 the photo I spoke of.

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