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On a Perfect Day (Ex. Small)

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"The classic story Snow white and the seven dwarfs.... As innocent as these stories seem, there is always a hidden message. Doesn’t it tell us that we, as women, always have to be pretty to find our charming Prince?" ~ Artist
This puzzle can also be searched under OnaPerfectDay or On_a_Perfect_Day
Available sizes: 15, 66, 128, 231 & 338
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And here... @LinM and @TrevUK


Aw thank you Wendy - it's got nice colours too! XO


Love this one. There is so much to look at..............Wendy


Siete i benvenuti (You are very welcome) :-)


Bellissimi i colori grazie


Oh you ladies are lucky! I'm so happy you do have your own Prince Charmings :-D
Mind you, beauty is much more than perceived facial 'perfection', correct?

And Rob, thank you for giving me that interesting perspective! I've never thought of men as having to be idyllic princes for a woman, and in fact, the charming and rich men I've met have been terrible examples of what a good, decent man is!

So glad you've all liked this one though, makes me happy to know I've got your puzzle fun sorted ;-)


Doesn't it also tell us men that we have to be both charming and as independently wealthy as a prince to find a good woman?
Or.... is that just a fairy tale...?.....

Sweet picture, Christine! Every detail is catching my eye, the lighting, the cottage shape, all the woodland denizens; and that's before starting to solve! Thank you!! ♥♥♫☼

I found mine too. Lucky we don't all have to be pretty to find 'our' prince charming. Thank you. Hugs, Bunny


I sure hope not Christine, I found my Prince Charming and I'm not beautiful, haha.
A most interesting picture and different slant on Snow White, one of my favourite heroines and cartoon. (❀ᴗ❀)


I enjoyed it, thanks Christine. :)


A walk in the woods, anyone?
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