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,,,πŸ„ε½‘ Mushrooms ε½‘πŸ„,,,

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Flammulina velutipes
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Marina, thank you for appreciating my photos. These mushrooms are edible and supposedly delicious, I have never tried to cook them. I only collect what I have good experience with and I don't do experiments. Sometimes it can happen that even if the sponge is edible, it can cause health problems when anybody have some indisposition πŸ„β™₯:))


Wow again. You've captured one of the most beautiful colony of mushrooms. They grow in a bunch, their stems live inside the tree trunk and we see only the caps. In Greece we call them "Fiery Velvet feet". Some people eat them, but I've never seen them for sale, around.


Yes, Ianto β™₯:))

That is a good thing.


Nicco, how long have we not seen each other? I'm glad it's in the past and you're here, thank you. You are right, according to recent research, fungal fibers connect the roots of trees and through them nutrients and information flow, it is such a "tree - fungal" Internet. And we think we've come up with something revolutionary ... β™₯:))


Hee .. hee ... Ianto β™₯:))


Wonderful set of fungi puzzles - I just love them for their diversity & the way they work with the forest - new evidence has been found that they 'communicate' with the trees.

Yes, and big time:-)))


Ianto, such a distance ... and we have common habits πŸ„β™₯:))


Yes Suzy, you write it exactly, it looks like the mushrooms tried to hide, their color betrayed them ... and they probably dazzled me, because the photo isn't as sharp as they should be. So, paradoxically, the secrecy was successful ... in part πŸ„β™₯:))

Same as me, in almost everything.


Ianto, mushrooms can be used in a large number of dishes, soups, sauces, to meat, with vegetables or prepared in many different ways such as classically fried as cutlets. It depends on the type of mushroom. Dried crushed mushrooms can be used as an aromatic spice, it always adds another "taste tone" to the food πŸ„β™₯:))


They seem to be trying to hide behind the greenery, but their color and little shine are an attention grabber!

Thank you for the woodland finds in today's set, Deanne. :))β™₯

What do you like them in?


Good point Gail. I'm not sure why poisonous mushrooms are more attractive, maybe it's because they attract unfortunate finders with their appearance (I don't know if I can suspect those mushrooms of such intentions). In addition to being beautiful, this fungus has many good health effects, strengthens the immune system, has anti-cancer effects and is also a natural antibiotic πŸ„β™₯:))


Ianto, thank you for kind visit and the message, I love them too πŸ„β™₯:))


They say these are edible. Why are the poisonous ones more appealing? 🧐

I love mushrooms.


Tom, thank you for your kind visit. You can definitely see it from my photos, I love the forest, the mountains, nature, it's like an accumulator for me, it charges me with energy ... which is getting less and less with advancing age ... πŸ„β™₯:))


nice nice series deanna... you must be a woods walker... thank you for enjoyable images.. tom

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