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  1. mr140325:58
  2. Ted9030:21
  3. Frankie_Johnnie42:16
  4. TonEd1:22:38
  5. mvodak431:23:06


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I like it.


There are no children because it's school time. It was taken in the morning. However, the sad thing is that usually there aren't a lot of children playing outside - unfortunatelly they prefere computers.

Here, where I live the weather also is getting better. I hope the spring is just behind a corner. (By the way can I say something like that. In my language we have that idiom.)



Great shot...I love this park and the playground toys! It does surprise me though that the children aren't playing in the snow. Thank you for the fun puzzle.

I will finally be out of the Arctic weather of below 0 degree's with 30+mph winds starting Monday with 30+ degree's above 0. Spring is getting closer by the day!

Stark and pristine good post.

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