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Working All The Angles.... (XXL) ...

432 pieces
433 solves
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For those who like geometrics, bright colors and big puzzles... Have fun.... :) :)))


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This one is colorful alright.... I'm impressed with your perseverance.... Three years to finish a puzzle, now that's dedication..... Disasters.... You.... Never...... Take care Tater..... See you in a few months.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


LOL! I was looking for a color block kind of puzzle and just found this one that I started in Oct 2013 and never finished!!!! That must have been around the time of one of my disasters! :-)))))


Thanks so much, Willy... When you give this puzzle a "great looking and wonderful" I know I have done a good job.... Thanks for letting me know.... :) :)))))))))))


Thank you, marotrogo... So pleased you enjoyed this one.... :) :))))))


Thank you, Rains, mon amie.... I've done that before, lost a piece, shrunk the image and still couldn't find it... Never got a time for that one, even though it showed 100%... It really is possible to lose a piece... Took me an hour, 40 mins... So you whopped me... Glad you enjoyed.... Merci mathématiques... :) :))))


Sally, this is a great looking and wonderful fine puzzle, thank you alot,
Willy. :-DDDDD

Great puzzle! Thank you.


Holy mac - I just motored through the first half of this one but the rest took me FOREVER (and of course at the very end, I had a missing piece so had to shrink the image to the size of a postage stamp to find it) !!! The end result was wonderful with all those bold colours ~ Thank you so much Sally !!! :-))) 1:07:14 Hmm - Maybe my time wasn't so bad after all, there's something mathematically pleasing about it LOL LOL LOL !


Thanks, Shirley... I'm really hooked on these large ones.... Because I don't hurry at all, they're very relaxing for me.... They do take well over an hour for me, sometimes as much as two... (This one 1:40:20) Finding an excuse to stop and do one is the biggest challenge... I'm glad you enjoy them too... Where do you find the time? With your doodles, all your other beautiful art works, grandkids, daily walks and regular chores... Do you even sleep?? Thanks again mate for taking the time to comment... We're getting very slack with comments and posting... Getting ready for our road trip next Sunday (Your Monday)... We'll be on the road for two weeks... We will be able to check in occasionally.... Take care and happy doodling.... :) :) :)))


Thank you, Sally, easy enough but I'm so slow on these large ones, enjoyed it though.


I've bookmarked this for later, Thanks Sally :):)