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help me hang out the flag Mommy

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thanks cevas and bluelady, I hope you are having a good day

What a sweet picture! Happy 4th everyone!


What a cute picture!! Thank you Juneshone! : )


when they are quite small they like to hear old tales of back in the olden days when Granny was a girl, it soon wears off when they become sophisticated and into double digits


Especially, TRUE stories!..........


Hi Phyllis it is 12.36 lunch time, which jigidi says is an hour after you sent your message. I love the old story books, lots of us adults do, takes us back to a time of less worries I guess plus stories are wonderful to kids


Hi June, I've been enjoying the 'Story Book' covers... like others ones mind takes a quick journey back to when these books were part of our staple diet of reading. We knew very story and often some of the lines too. I see you're online, what time is it there?