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When I grow up I'm gonna be a Doberman!

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  1. cookin2:26
  2. Cthill2:38
  3. Surreal_Heidi2:45
  4. macky36542:59
  5. cath1v3:06
  6. girch2u3:09
  7. darcy103:20
  8. sunlitranch3:22
  9. kenb3:24


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LOL! Hey emelinelemonlime + songbirdj, glad you like it. He certainly does strike a pose!
Songbirdj, it's just one of my made-up words, it's from making up nonsense rhymes with my grand daughter. Lol. ; )


That's quite the pose for a bunny. He's beautiful.
I've never heard the word 'bunnegy' before, Amazonia. Did you make it up?


super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys, thanks for dropping by. I just came across him by chance. Hadn't seen a Black/Tan Bunnegy before! Quite the Dapper Dan, eh! ; )

He's a beauty!


The coloring looks close.


LOL! ; )

You think?? Dream on little one! :-)

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