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Aerial view over my back garden

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I forgot to post this photo the other day. Since end of last week after the scaffolding was finally removed we can look out the windows and enjoy the aerial view over the back garden again.☺
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Just lovely. Looks like lovely red maples on the right. A garden brings you joy and peace and lots of pretty birds to sing. Lots of work, lots of weeding but the end result if well worth it. May you have many more years enjoying your garden. Thanks for sharing.


You're welcome @amakrokis2 - I love sharing my 'pride&joy' and thank you for your kind words!
We have lots of perennial plants (a big part of them are my hubby's legacy). It's the weeding and the pruning, but like you say, it's indeed very rewarding.
From my living room and my computer room upstairs I have the most wonderful view to and over our back garden!
Hugs. 💚💚💚


Thanks for sharing your Garden with us Impie.
It is a joy to behold ! I know it's also hard work, but you reap a wonderful reward. Enjoy your tea while looking at your beautiful garden. Hugs. 💚💚💚


That would be a good idea, Kathie. I'm positive Liertje comes up with a solution if and when we're brave enough to remove it. ;))


Would you, in fact, saw it off? ...put a lovely potted plant on the stump?


Digging it out wouldn't work, Faye, the roots have found their way almost to the right mid section of the garden. If we'd get rid of it we'll have to saw off just above the foot of the trunk otherwise the entire right part of the garden/plants will be demolished!


Perhaps you could sell it to a landscaper. They like "grown" trees. Over here my friend sold a mature holly tree to a gardener and he even came and dug it out.


Thank you so much, Val. After 26½ years, I still enjoy my garden very much. Although I regret the day we planted the sweet 'little' Acer (front right) in the ground in 2011. ☺♥


Impie love looking at your garden, so envious it is so lovely and flat, you have made this a wonderful restful oasis thank you ☺♥


Aww, thank you, Kathie enjoying the garden is what we definitely do, I'm glad you enjoy it too. We'll drink a cupper in the back and enjoy the sunbeams (if it's not too hot) but not having tea or dinner. We used to have a concrete BBQ in the back and then we'd sit at the table there, but since the BBQ went, we only relax on the patio!☺

Right, Betty, I sometimes browse through my old garden photos and I agree we've made quite a few changes. Although the format André created hasn't changed that much.☺

Thank you, Carol, I'm so glad I can enjoy my view again....after 4 weeks of scaffolding..aargghh☺

That would be something, Marilyn, but I'll stick to my camera in the meantime!☺

Thank you, Sissel, I'm glad you enjoyed my view too :-))))

Thank you, lurdo, we do our best to maintain it, I'm glad I can oversee and enjoy my garden again!☺

Thank you, GG, yes, it was a relief when they took them down last week! No more workers passing my upstairs windows or stampeeding on the scaffolding!☺
I'm also glad the scaffolding at the front is finally removed today too...Yaaay.


Everything looks healthy and happy, Impie! So glad you have your lovely view back! ☺

It´s a wonderful view,Very pretty


What a lovely place Impie :-))))


Canoekaw..........right on!


Writing about aerial views and I thought. 'I know what Impie needs, a drone to photograph from all angles.'


How lovely to look at..........peace and tranquility!?

I was doing one of you 2013 puzzles yesterday and thiking how much your garden has changed. Really lovely!


And they sing Joyland at Christmas! You have Joyland right in your back yard! What's cool is to see where everything IS, the petunia blossom, hanging in the front, the bushes and it's all so perfect & well-done! Do you sit with tea at the table at the end?


Thank you, Faye. After 4 weeks of scaffolding we are glad to have our garden back where everything has found its' place back again. We now appreciate all the blossoms even more! 💗💗💗

Of some neighbours I know for sure, zhaba47. They shouldn't have to be, our garden didn't occur naturally!;))

Thank you, ouiba, we do our best maintaining the garden and enjoy it as much as we can!

Thanks, Ella, although my plants in the rockery get a little too much shade these days! It's now the time to trim the Acer a bit again!

Thank you for your kind comment, joyceannb.

Thank you, Rebecca, on a warm evening the fragrance is indeed lovely. I don't recall the name of a pot plant we used to have., but on summer evenings we'd sit on the front patio and this plant would spread a wonderful vanilla fragrance!


Lovely, and I'm imagining the fragrance as you stroll along on a warm summer evening.

Very pretty


I see the Acer is giving you some nice shade to relax in. Everything is nice and lush!


SO pretty!! Great job!


The envy of the neighborhood, no doubt.


Looking gorgeous! I think this is the best year must be all that pruning and seed coddling! 💗💗💗

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